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Success Stories


School of Media & Design
Program Coordinator Ext. Office # Program
Patrick Suriano 3792 1B28 Advertising and Marketing Communications
Todd Jahnke 3358 1B28 Animation
Ryanne Spies 2407 2C11 Bachelor of Design (Honours)
Kara Judge 3496 1B28 Broadcast Radio
Steve Roberts 2437 1B28 Broadcasting - Television and Independent Production
Jessica Massard 3272 2C11 Design Foundations
Eric McQuiggan 2567 1B28 Game Design
Molly Hill 3270 2C11 Graphic Design
Nadine Heintz 2789 2A606 Interior Decorating
Larry Cornies 2377 1B28 Journalism
Steve Howell 2405 1C33 Media Foundations
Steve Parr 3409 1B28 Media - Laurier Brantford
Andrea Hein 3105 1C15 Visual Merchandising Arts
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