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Earn your Motorcycle Licence

Riding motorcycles is not for everyone and is a privilege to be enjoyed and respected. 

Our courses provide you with the opportunity to have your motorcycle riding abilities assessed in a controlled, non-bias environment by trained instructors. If you meet the MTO testing requirements here at Conestoga, you will be upgraded to the next level of motorcycle licensing.

Get your M1

Before attending motorcycle training at Conestoga you must have a valid M1 licence. To apply for your M1 licence, visit a DriveTest centre.

Upgrade to M2

Upgrade to your M2 licence with the Motorcycle Driver Training course (GINT0315) and a valid M1 licence. If you are successful in your riding test at the end of the course, Conestoga will enter your grade of PASS in to the MTO computer database. You must then return to a DriveTest centre after your M1 60 day waiting period is over to have your M2 printed with no additional fees or testing.

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Upgrade to M

Upgrade to your M licence with the Experienced Rider (GINT0005) course and a valid M2 licence. If you are successful in completing the Ministry of Transportation M2 Exit test, you can upgrade to the full M licence.

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