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Organizational Development

Mission Statement of the Organizational Development Office

It is the mission of the Organizational Development Office to promote the college's goal of excellence in education and to assist college employees in achieving that goal through ongoing development and training.

The Organizational Development Office recognizes that every college employee contributes to the learning environment and to the total learning experience of our students. We also recognize that the continued efforts of our employees to improve in their workplace sets an excellent and appropriate example for our students, encouraging them to continue their education and training as they move forward into their lives 'after college'.


The Organizational Development Office provides support to faculty, administrators and support staff as they begin their employment with Conestoga and throughout their career here. Go to our calendar to find out more about upcoming professional development opportunities.

The New Faculty Orientation (pdf) is offered twice each year to help initiate new faculty to the expectations, standards and operations of Conestoga. As well, we have developed handbooks that include answers to many of the questions new employees have about working at Conestoga (e.g. office and campus logistics; computer technology; etc).

In addition, the Library Resource Centre has prepared a comprehensive list of resources on teaching that can be found at:

We have also created an 8-minute online orientation module that provides new employees with an overview of Conestoga’s past success, current initiatives and future opportunities as well as a 15-minute module on the College’s Protection of Human Rights Policy.

The College Educator Development Program, offered through a consortium of the Western Region Colleges, provides an intensive three phase training module for college teaching.

The annual "Employees for Excellence in Education" Conference is an in-house offering of various workshops, seminars and learning experiences that are available to all employees. Many of these are also taught by our own employees as a way to share the wealth of talent and expertise available within our own organization.

The Organizational Development Office also provides specific and college-wide training on issues of interest or concern throughout the year.

Professional Development Funds (pdf) are provided for off-site training for any employees who require it, given the approval of the supervisor and the Director, Organizational Development and the availability of funds. Training plans are filed for all employees at the time of their performance reviews to assist in planning for this training and college-wide training.

Limited Tuition Assistance Funds are also provided for employees seeking to complete their degrees or special diploma programs at the university level.

The Organizational Development Office also manages the Professional Development Leave Plan for academic and administrative employees and the Developmental Leave Plan for support staff and the Aubrey Hagar Award for Excellence in Teaching for the college for academic employees.

For more information please contact:

Jeff Fila, Director, Organizational Development
Doon 3A505
Telephone: 519-748-5220 ext. 3381

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