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Thank you for your interest in training with the Conestoga College Regional Training Centre at WRESTRC. Please send your completed application form (with a signature of fire chief / manager of designate) to  to register.

Registration Information

Applications must be processed 30 days prior to the course start date. Please submit your application by email 35 days prior to a course start date to allow for processing.

Please note: Applications for all NFPA 1021 courses must be processed no less than six weeks prior to the start of the course. 

Course Fees

Your fire department will be billed prior to the course start date. All course fees must be paid in full prior to the course start date.


HST is not included in the course fee and will be billed to your fire department.

Ontario Fire College (OFC) Registration Fee

Your fire department will be billed a $65 Ontario Fire College (OFC) registration fee per course. 

Pre-class Materials

Access Ontario Fire College pre-class materials:


Lunches, snacks and refreshments are provided unless otherwise indicated. Please note any dietary requirements when registering.

Course Completion

Registrants must attend all days of a course to be eligible to pass.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation is allowed without penalty up to 30 days prior to course start. Registration fees will be billed and cannot be credited after the 30 day course start date has been reached.


Parking is provided in front of the administration building.


Smoking is only permitted outside of the administration building.


Visit Explore Waterloo Region  for a list of accommodations in the area.

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