Canadian Institute for Safety, Wellness & Performance

Building capacity for productive & sustainable work


Position Canada as a global leader in empowering businesses to adapt and thrive in the ever-changing competitive economy.


To improve the safety, wellness and performance of the Canadian labour force by generating knowledge, transferring research to practice, and strengthening workforce development – all in collaboration with stakeholders.


Innovation: to conduct cutting-edge transdisciplinary research to address knowledge gaps and develop evidence-informed products, tools, and services to advance stakeholders’ capacity.

Collaboration: to engage and work with employers, not-for-profits, labour/unions, academics, service providers, policy makers, and practitioners to develop, promote, and implement effective and sustainable solutions.

Equality and Inclusiveness: empowering and enabling communities to support the labour force in striving for meaningful and fulfilling employment.

Strategic objectives (2019 - 2025)

The Canadian Institute for Safety, Wellness & Performance:

  • conducts innovative transdisciplinary research that addresses knowledge gaps and priorities;
  • develops evidence-informed products, guidelines, resources, and technologies;
  • contributes to the development of Canadian and international standards;
  • develops and implements strategies for uptake of evidence-informed practices by organizations across all sectors of the economy;
  • provides state-of-the-art education and training for the next generation of business leaders and practitioners; and
  • provides national and international leadership in the prevention and management of occupational injuries and disabilities.