Leading change across Canada


To develop innovative, evidence-informed education, improve workforce development and strengthen care practices to support care for seniors and their care partners across Canada.


Our mission at the Canadian Institute for Seniors Care is to build a national collaboration to promote high quality care for seniors.

We do this through:

  • Linking organizations and industry to promote partnership between seniors, their care partners, health care professionals, students, educators, researchers and other stakeholders.
  • Enabling education, care practices and system change through the promotion of evidence-informed practices for quality improvement, productivity and sustainability.
  • Establishing a national knowledge mobilization network to support workforce development in seniors care.

Strategic initiatives

  • Lead applied research projects designed to improve care practices and models, develop and evaluate products for seniors care, and demonstrate the impact of innovation in education and training on workforce development for seniors care.
  • Collaborate in research, education and training to lead new advances in research-informed training and practice.
  • Share current and new practices and resources to enhance the quality of life and care for seniors.
  • Advocate for quality and health care system changes to optimize seniors care in Canada.

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