Residents and families

In addition to using preventative strategies, like maintaining a small social circle and practicing physical distancing, respiratory etiquette and good hand hygiene, there are other measures that you can take to optimize the health and quality of life of those living and working in long-term care.

  • Confirm that you do not have COVID-19 by getting tested up to 14 days before visiting a long-term care home
  • Complete screening for COVID-19 symptoms upon arrival at a long-term care home
  • Comply with the long-term care home's infection and control procedures while visiting
  • Meet long-term care residents virtually when meeting in-person is not possible (see Virtual Visits Toolkit)

Please note that long-term care homes must also satisfy the following criteria to allow non-essential visitors (i.e. someone who is not visiting an ill or palliative resident, or performing essential support services):

  • Not be in an outbreak, meaning have an excessive number of COVID-19 cases
  • Have a standardized process for communicating visitor protocols and related safety procedures
  • Maintain high-level infection prevention and control procedures
  • Keep a detailed list of all visitors

For more information, please consult the Ontario Ministry of Long-Term Care's Update to Visits at Long-Term Care Homes (pdf) and/or contact the long-term care home you wish to visit.