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Residence Citizenship

You are a citizen of the residence community and a student of Conestoga College. You therefore have certain rights and responsibilities. As a good citizen of our residence community, you acknowledge in a responsible way your rights, responsibilities as well as the rights, responsibilities and of others. We hope that you participate in the community in a positive way and you do your part to create and maintain an environment that encourages academic success and social growth.

Residents' Rights

Within the residence community you have the right to:

  1. Enjoy the rights and freedoms recognized by law, subject only to restrictions that ensure the welfare and advancement of the residence community, as detailed in the RCLS.
  2. Be free from discrimination, on the basis of race, ancestry, religious beliefs, physical ability, marital status, colour, place of origin, gender, mental disability, family status, source of income, age or sexual orientation.
  3. Enjoy an atmosphere intended to remain free from behaviour which is reasonably interpreted as unwelcome, including but not limited to: remarks, jokes or actions which demean another person and/or deny individuals their dignity and respect.
  4. Study, work, read and sleep in your unit/suite/room without undue interference from unit-mates or others.
  5. Occupy your assigned unit/suite/room and use its furniture, effects and services.
  6. Access to your assigned room/unit.
  7. Expect that your unit/suite/room mates will respect your personal property.
  8. Expect reasonable cooperation from others when you are sharing common rooms/facilities.
  9. Live in a clean environment, requiring a joint and equitable effort from you and your unit/suite/room mates.
  10. Reasonable privacy from unit/suite/room mates or others.
  11. Have your concerns considered by residence staff.
  12. Have all reported offenses investigated in a reasonable amount of time and efficient manner.
  13. Expect confidentiality from residence staff with regards to all personal and student conduct related information

Residents' Responsibilities

With your rights come corresponding expectations of behaviour within the residence community. As a resident, you have the responsibility to:

  1. Read, understand and abide by Conestoga College codes, policies and regulations, guidelines and processes, including the Student Residence Agreement, Residence Student Handbook and RCLS.
  2. Recognize the authority of all residence and Conestoga College staff acting in the scope of their position and to be responsive and cooperative in all dealings with them.
  3. Treat with respect, civility, courtesy and consideration all residents, residence staff and college officials and conduct yourself in a way that permits them to be successful academically and/or perform their duties.
  4. Take all actions associated with good citizenship, including reporting violations of residence and college policies and taking all reasonable measures to ensure the safety and security of the residence community.
  5. Seek help or resources to protect and ensure your personal health, safety and well-being, including addressing issues of self-harm which have the potential to occur by action or neglect, including self-abuse, eating disorders, suicide attempts, underage drinking, alcohol abuse or negligence related to health hygiene or medications.
  6. Attempt to resolve unit/suite/room/community problems on your own before your ask you RA to assist you in this process.
  7. Conduct yourself and contribute in a positive and productive way to the residence community through active participation.
  8. Respect the rights and privacy of your unit/suite/room mates, work with them cooperatively to keep your unit in a clean and tidy condition.
  9. Respect the rights and property of all other residents and their guests and of the neighbouring community.
  10. Take full responsibility for the conduct of guests. Accompany them at all times within the residence and ensure that guests are aware of and abide by residence and college policies.
  11. Conduct yourself in a way that ensures the residence facilities and grounds are kept in a good condition, including keeping your assigned room and suite common areas in a clean and sanitary condition.
  12. Secure your personal property and obtain personal contents insurance.
  13. Permit residence or Conestoga College staff or its officers entry when there is a reasonable apprehension of danger or harm, or for the purpose of inspecting the condition of the unit/suite/room and its contents.
  14. Be solely liable to Conestoga College for any loss of damage to the building, your room and its furniture, telephone and effects of Conestoga College. You are liable for loss or damage to the public facilities, furniture and equipment of the residence, including common areas and liable for any damage caused by guests.
  15. Actively check your mail, voicemail, and email accounts registered with the residence on a regular basis for messages from residence staff.
  16. Carry your Conestoga College ID and show it when requested by residence or Conestoga College staff.

Residents' Privileges

Privileges enhance the lifestyle in residence because they add to the pleasure of the academic and social experience. Privileges are granted to residents upon arrival, based on the principle that residents are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the RCLS. There is an important difference between rights and privileges. You can expect your rights to be respected all the time, and you can maintain privileges with behaviour in accordance with our RCLS. Privileges can be taken away through the judicial process if conduct does not comply with our RCLS.

It is a privilege for you to:

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