Emergency management

The goals of the college's comprehensive Emergency Management Program are to:

The college, like any other business, is not immune from disaster. Emergency situations can occur suddenly with little or no warning, creating situations in which the college’s normal business operations of academic learning and service may become strained, even overwhelmed.

As a result of these operational challenges, the college has developed this emergency plan to improve its state of preparedness and ensure that timely response measures are enacted to control and terminate an emergency. Once an emergency is dealt with, the emergency plan then seeks to resume the college’s normal business operations safe, expedient manner.

Students and staff should never try to handle a dangerous or unpredictable situation on their own. Members of the college community can report an emergency by dialing extension 5555 from any college phone. This is a dedicated emergency phone line, monitored 24 hours a day by security staff.

Media relations

College staff, students and faculty are encouraged not to make comments to the media during an emergency. All media inquiries should be referred to Corporate Communications.