Teaching awards

The Aubrey Hagar Distinguished Teaching Award

Aubrey Hagar had a passion for education and learning and this was evident throughout his personal and professional life. Aubrey's professional career included contributions to Canadian Industries Limited, University of Guelph, Campus Co-operative, Conestoga College, and Wellington County School Board, as well as many volunteer and community organizations. He was respected and admired by all who knew him for his roles as a leader, innovator, mentor, teacher and counsellor. To quote Aubrey, he was "motivated by love and guided by reason".

When it came to his professional and personal activities, Aubrey always applied himself to become accomplished and aimed for excellence in all he did. He had a constant thirst for knowledge and never stopped striving to learn more about the world around him. He was a true intellect who enjoyed discussing original, thought-provoking ideas.

In 1988, the Aubrey Hagar Distinguished Teaching Award was established in celebration of Aubrey’s retirement and recognizes a faculty member who has made an outstanding contribution or has taken a leadership role in the teaching and learning process at Conestoga. Conestoga was privileged to honour Aubrey's memory by presenting this award to the 2021 recipient at last year's Virtual E3 Conference.

How to nominate a full-time, non-probationary faculty member

Award candidates must be nominated by a minimum of five (5) people (including the primary nominator). At least one nominator must be a current, full-time faculty member and at least two others must be current or former students. Support staff and administrators are also invited to be part of the nomination process. The candidates for the award are assessed, and a winner is chosen by the Aubrey Hagar Distinguished Teaching Award Selection Committee. The initial nomination application is to be completed by the Primary Nominator. The Primary Nominator is responsible for finding four additional nominators and ensuring that they complete the simplified Additional Nominator Application.

Please check back for updates on the 2021-2022 nomination.

If you have any questions, please email Norma McDonald Ewing, Chair of the Aubrey Hagar Distinguished Teaching Award Selection Committee.

2021 award winner

Cathy Egan

Cathy Egan, a professor in Conestoga’s School of Health & Life Sciences, was awarded the 2021 Aubrey Hagar Distinguished Teaching Award in recognition of her leadership and outstanding contributions to teaching and learning. Learn more.