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How to Become a Registered Apprentice

An Apprenticeship Program is a combination of on-the-job training and in-school training, with approximately 90% of the training taking place on the job and 10% in school. Often there are 3 levels of in-school training.

Typically an apprentice will work for approximately a year and then attend a level of schooling. An average apprenticeship program will last between 3 to 5 years depending on the trade. During this time the apprentice will become competent on the job in all the skills required and will also complete the required schooling.

Follow these steps to start your apprenticeship training

  1. Find an employer. To be registered as an apprentice you must have an employer who is able to provide you with on the job training
    • No employer? Employment Ontario Employment Service providers such as the Conestoga Career Centres have a range of programs and services to assist current and prospective apprentices.
      • Services include pre-assessments, career and academic advising, skills analysis, skills enhancement, links to financial incentives and employer contacts.
    • Contact the Conestoga College Trades and Apprenticeship Employer Liaison at or 519-748-5220 ext. 2400 for more information about registering as an apprentice or incentives for apprentices and employers.
  2. Contact the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) office
    • MTCU will provide a form called "Application for Apprenticeship Training."
    • Apprentice and employer will need to fill out this application form.
    • Apprentice will need to attach a proof of SIN, education and age with application form.
    • Using the application form, MTCU will create a document called the "Training Agreement."
    • For more information you or your employer may call the local MTCU office at 519-653-5758 or 1-866-877-0099 or email to

  3. Sign the Training Agreement
    • If the apprentice has previous hours to put towards their training, please discuss this during this process.
    • This document will be signed by the apprentice, employer and MTCU.
    • At the time of registration the employer and apprentice will be asked their preference for training institution and format of training. This can be delivered in block release training which is typically 8 -10 weeks in a row or day release offered weekly for 40-50 days per year.
  4. Apprentice to pay Ontario College of Trades
    • This will activate the Training Agreement.
    • Pay your Ontario College of Trades fee within 90 days or you will have to re-do steps 2 & 3.
    • Pay annually to keep agreement active or will have to re-do steps 2 & 3.
  5. Apprentice is now Registered
    • MTCU will send an "Offer of Classroom Training" to the apprentice approximately 120 days prior to the start of the first level of in-school training. Apprentices with a valid Offer of Classroom training should follow the steps on the Conestoga College website to register for their in-school training.

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