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Academic and Career Entrance (ACE)

The Academic and Career Entrance (ACE) Certificate is a grade 12 equivalency program for adult learners delivered through Academic Upgrading and ACE Distance Delivery.

Program highlights

ACE is a tuition-free program that allows adults to prepare for college at college.

ACE can help you obtain grade 12 equivalency and qualify for:

  1. admission to college post-secondary programs;
  2. registration as an apprentice;
  3. jobs that require a high school or equivalent credential.

ACE is flexible as courses can be taken both online and in class at the same time.

Intake for this program is continuous.

Students build a customized learning plan with the assistance of program staff to plan out courses and a schedule.

Admission requirements


Students are awarded an ACE Certificate when they complete four courses in the program. Students are required to take one communications course and one mathematics course and can complete two more courses from the following options: self management/self direction (Strategies for Success), chemistry, biology, physics (online only). An additional mathematics course is also an option.