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Over the past few years, Conestoga has built its research capabilities to provide invaluable opportunities for our students, faculty, community businesses and external organizations. Conestoga has fostered several new areas of research and development within our institution and beyond.In 2003, Conestoga was one of the founding members of Polytechnics Canada - the voice of leading research-intensive, publicly funded colleges and institutes of technology in Canada. Research at Conestoga has become part of our polytechnic advantage - providing a high-quality, career-focused education for our students.

Applied Research, Research Ethics Review, and Institutional Research are the three primary sources of research within Conestoga. Through these venues, Conestoga promotes, develops, and participates in research activities that engage students, faculty, business and industry, community organizations, and other postsecondary institutions. At Conestoga, research opportunities range from capstone to independent projects.

As Conestoga grows its research capabilities, we will continue to refine our centres of excellence. These centres will provide services, research, knowledge dissemination, and other activities for all participants - defining our commitment to excellence.

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