OSAP Changes, Review and Appeal

Your OSAP Application

Once you have submitted your OSAP application online, it takes approximately two business days for the application to show up electronically on our computer systems. We only see the assessment once the application has been processed by the Ministry. We do not see the preliminary estimate that you see on the OSAP website.

If you need to make changes to your OSAP application after it has been submitted, please contact Student Financial Services in writing. Supporting documentation may be required, depending on the requested change.

Notice of Assessment Entitlement Changes

A change on your OSAP application information can increase or decrease your entitlement, even if you have already received your full original entitlement. A number of validation checks, such as income and asset information, can cause a reassessment. You must notify the Financial Aid Office throughout your study period if you have any income changes. A drop in your course load, or an early withdrawal may also change your eligibility.

Changes, Review and Appeal

If you need to make a change, or do not think that your OSAP assessment is sufficient to fund your post-secondary education, you may view the forms available on the OSAP forms site. Please contact Student Financial Services or visit our office in the Welcome Centre, Doon Campus if you have further questions or concerns.

All completed OSAP forms should be uploaded on the OSAP website, mailed via Canada Post, or dropped off in person at our office.

Note: Uploading your forms on the OSAP website will result in the fastest processing time.


For a list of common update or appeal forms, please visit the forms site on the OSAP website. If you cannot find the form you need for your circumstance, please contact Student Financial Services for assistance.

Some common OSAP forms: 

Application Updates

Restriction Reviews and Processes

Income Changes*


*Please note that Conestoga College reports all bursaries scholarships and awards that we process to OSAP. You only need to report awards that are received from an external source. If you are unsure on which awards you need to report, please contact our Awards Office at awards@conestogac.on.ca

Parental Income

If you are fewer than four years out of high school you are considered a dependent, so the income for your parent(s) is required to complete your application. OSAP will not let you submit your application without that information.

New for 2019-20: The provincial government now views students as independent if they have been out of high school for at least six years. If you have been out of high school for four years and do not want to report your parent's income, then you may ask for federal-only funding.

Family Breakdown

If a serious and permanent family breakdown has occurred and you file a Family Breakdown Appeal, you are considered independent for OSAP purposes and no parental information is required. You will indicate that your parental information is not available when you complete your OSAP application. OSAP will then inform you of the supporting documentation that is required. Please upload all your supporting information on the OSAP website.

Interaction with other forms of Government Support

If you are in receipt of ODSP support, or if your spouse or common-law partner is in receipt of ODSP support, OSAP will cover only your direct educational costs, including tuition, compulsory fees, books, supplies, equipment and local travel costs. This calculation will be done automatically when you apply for OSAP.

In most cases, if you are receiving support through Ontario Works they will stop providing support and you will be eligible for full OSAP funding. Please talk to your Ontario Works caseworker for more information.

If you are receiving Second Career, or CPP support, you will must declare it as income on your OSAP application. OSAP can act as a "top-up" in these cases if the OSAP calculation deems that more support is required.

Add a Summer Session or Change a Study Period or Program