Doing business with Conestoga


The Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning purchasing process follows the Broader Public Sector Directives and applicable legislation. Our goal is to obtain best value for Conestoga in a fair, transparent and ethical manner.

We award contracts through formal competitive process (bids), through the quote process or through the utilization of purchasing cooperative contracts such as OECM. Available opportunities may be found on the Merx website.

To learn more about how to do business with Conestoga, please refer to our Vendor guide (pdf).

Pre-approved contractors

All pre-approved contractors must register and submit requested insurance documents to Conestoga through the Wellnet Contractor Document Management System prior to start of work. To register, please follow the instructions in the Conestoga College Contractor Portal User Guide (pdf).

For contractor parking at Conestoga College, please email