Student forms

  1. Advanced Standing Application Form
  2. Application to Graduate (pdf)
  3. Consent for Release of Personal Information (pdf)
  4. Continuing Education Course Registration Form (pdf)
  5. General Request Form (pdf)
  6. Letter of Permission (pdf)
  7. Part-time Studies Course Registration Form
  8. Personal Information Change Form (pdf)
  9. PLAR (Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition) Registration (pdf)
  10. Program Application Form
  11. Request for Pre-Assessment Math, English, Biology & Chemistry Testing
  12. Request for a Letter
  13. Request for Refund
  14. Request for Transcript
  15. Request to Register in a Conestoga Degree Course (pdf)
  16. Student Preferred Name and/or Gender Change Request Form (pdf)

Digital forms in the Student Portal

Sign in to the Student Portal. Select the "Services" tab, "My Forms" button for:

  • Co-op Program Transfer Application Form
  • Course Change Request Form (formerly Course Add/Drop form)
  • Request for a Letter
  • Request for Refund
  • Request for Transcript
  • Student Appeal Form
  • Supplemental Request Form
  • Withdrawal Form

Other forms in the Student Portal

Sign in to the Student Portal. Select the "My Courses" tab, "My Credit Transfer" sub-tab for:

  • Credit Transfer Request