Tuition & fees

Fees for the academic year (September - August) are set in May.

Tuition and fees for full-time programs are found on the individual program pages.

Tuition and fee details

General information

The Board of Governors annually approves a Fee Schedule for tuition, compulsory and optional ancillary fees, and other incidental fees for the college. Tuition covers only part of the costs associated with post-secondary education. The tuition fee and other specific fees can be claimed as a deduction for income tax purposes, subject to tax regulations.

Tuition for full-time session programs

Tuition is normally calculated and billed on a two-session basis if both sessions fall within the same academic year. In programs scheduled for more than two sessions, the length of the program determines the amount of tuition. To view fees for a specific program, locate the program page and review information found under the Tuition & Fees heading.

Tuition for full-time non-session certificate and vocational preparation programs

Students in these programs are expected to complete the program in less than one year. Program length is indicated in weeks. Fees are not reduced for statutory holidays, but no fees are charged for the December holiday break.

Tuition for part-time courses

Tuition for part-time courses is calculated on a rate per hour. Some compulsory fees may apply.

International student fees

If an international student acquires Canadian citizenship, permanent residence status, or meets the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities criteria for exemption for international tuition fees during the session, the student must provide the documentation and submit it in writing to prior to the start of the next session.

Fees will not be reduced due to a change in status for the current session. The fees payable by Canadian citizens, permanent residents or exempt students will apply only to the future sessions in which the student is registered.

Fee information

Compulsory ancillary fees for full-time programs

Administration Fee

This fee funds items such as: Student Accident Insurance Plan (providing coverage 24 hours per day, seven days per week within Canada, if the student is enrolled at Conestoga), locker usage. 

Graduation/Alumni Services Fee

This fee contributes to the cost of the documents, invitations, use of gowns and liripipes, other Convocation expenses, and the Alumni Association. 

ISR (International Student Recovery)

This is a fee applied to all international students enrolled in a credential program at an Ontario college or university, as per the Ministry of Colleges and Universities' funding structure. 

ONE Card Fee

This fee is assessed with issuing the student ID card (ONE Card). 

Student Services Fee

This fee contributes to the provision of essential academic, career, and wellness services and supports for students. This includes: 

  • access to health professionals for medical services and mental health care.
  • a range of career-related services including career counselling, job fairs, job placement services and programs to support career and employment readiness.
  • tutoring, writing and math supports, study and learning skills services, as well as a range of workshops and programming to improve academic success.

Technology Enhancement Fee

This fee includes up-to-date computer equipment, software and services to provide students with enhanced academic support.

CSI Advocacy Fee

CSI believes in working collaboratively with Conestoga administration, post-secondary education stakeholders, and government to improve the college experience. CSI advocates on behalf of Conestoga College students in partnership with student leaders at all levels of government. This fee ensures the CSI Board of Directors actively advocates and represents the best interests of Conestoga students. This fee supports student advocacy and representation for all levels of government, and membership fee to provincial and federal advocacy organizations.

CSI Association Fee

This fee provides access to Conestoga Students Inc. (CSI) services and resources. These include: health and wellness supports, academic supports, career and leadership development opportunities, and the CSI Shuttle. This fee also supports improvements to student spaces and basic operating costs.

CSI Health Plan Fee

This fee supports health and dental premiums and plan administration.

CSI International Health Plan Fee

This fee supports health and dental premiums and plan administration. For information about the insurance plan, visit College International Health Insurance Plan (CIHIP).

CSI Legal Protection Fee

The CSI Legal Protection Program ensures that students have the tools and financial means to defend their legal rights, have access to legal information via a toll-free legal assistance helpline and have further counsel should they qualify for legal representation. Legal representation includes: housing rights or tenant disputes, employment rights, and academic rights.        

Campus-specific fees

Bus Pass (Brantford only)

This fee is assessed to all students enrolled in full-time post-secondary and certificate programs at Brantford campus for unlimited travel on Brantford Transit.

Capital Development Fee

This fee contributes to capital enhancements that improve the student experience. It is approved by a referendum that is administered through a formal agreement with CSI. 


All full-time, fee-paying students at the Cambridge - Fountain Street, Kitchener - Doon, and Brantford* campuses must pay this fee which assists in offsetting the costs of the intercollegiate and intramural athletic programs, and provides access to the Recreation Centre for the academic year. 

Students enrolled at the Cambridge - Fountain Street and Kitchener - Doon campuses may access the Doon Recreation Centre.

*Students enrolled at the Brantford campus may access the Laurier Brantford YMCA (they do not have access to the Doon Recreation Centre). The Recreation/Athletic fee Brantford students pay is transferred to Laurier to compensate for services offered to Conestoga students. 

Full-time students at other campuses, who are not required to pay the compulsory athletic fee, may purchase a student membership at a student rate equal to the athletic fee, or buy a day pass. 

Program-specific fees

eText Fee

Some programs include eText fees to cover the cost of mandatory resources essential to successfully complete the course or program.

Program Services Fee (co-op programs)

All students in co-op programs, including mandatory, optional and alternative, such as guided career management, pay a non-refundable fee to offset costs involved with the wide variety of services and supports that are provided.

The Program Services Fee is billed in equal payments over the number of academic terms in which a student is registered in the program. 

  • Students in programs that have both direct entry and optional co-op opportunities will be billed the Program Services Fee.
  • The calculation for the Program Services Fee for students in programs with optional co-op work terms (such as in some degree programs) will use the maximum number of co-op terms required by the program multiplied by the current rate.
  • In the event that a co-op work term is missed and all academic work is completed, the student will not be charged an additional Program Services Fee.

Program-Specific Fee

Some programs levy this fee for specific purposes such as special supplies, uniforms, etc.                 

Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) Documentation Fee (confirmed via email)

This mandatory fee covers the cost of tracking health-related and other required student documentation prior to student WIL experiences. Depending on your program’s requirements, this may include immunization records, TB testing, police record checks, workplace health & safety course completion, first aid/CPR, respiratory fit testing, consent form completion, etc.;           

Tuition rate and compulsory ancillary fees for part-time courses
  • Tuition:
    • Domestic student: $6.24 per course hour ($25 per course is non-refundable)
    • International student: $22.92 per course hour ($25 per course is non-refundable)
    • International student grad certificate: $24.89 per course hour ($25 per course is non-refundable)
    • International student degree/ACR: $25.32 per course hour ($25 per course is non-refundable)
  • Administration Fee: $0.49 per hour to a maximum of $23.52 per course
  • CSI Association Fee: $0.45 per hour to a maximum of $21.60 per course
  • Resource Enhancement Fee: $0.52 per hour to a maximum of $24.96 per course
  • Student Service fee: $0.24 per hour to a maximum of $11.52 per course
Optional fees

CSI Clubs and Societies

Start a club or join a club. CSI Clubs are a great way to meet new people, make friends and foster a sense of community and belonging. This fee supports club spaces and club events.           

CSI Frosh Kits

All the items you need and didn't know you needed to start your year off right. The CSI Frosh Kit is an excellent way to upgrade your student experience through branded apparel and trending gifts which elevate your Frosh week and more.

CSI Event Fee and Campus Life

Conestoga Students Inc. (CSI) provides events and activities for students to relax and have fun with other Condors. Events and activities are held throughout the year and cater to the diverse student population. From concerts and trivia contests, to other pop culture events, there is no shortage of events taking place virtually or on campus.

Sustainability Fee

This fee assists the college in completing projects that increase our energy efficiency, reduce our carbon footprint, and help to meet our overall sustainability goals.

Fees for services
​Advanced Standing Application
​Airport transportation
​See Airport pick-up services for details
​Application to graduate/Alumni fee
Audit tuition fee
$6.24 per course hour
Completion of forms/Verification letters fee$23.00 (includes HST)
Continuing Education graduation/Alumni Services fee$48.00
Duplicate document of recognition (degree, diploma, certificate)
​Duplicate Statement of Participation/Affirmation
​International Application fee
Late fee
Legal request fee$75.00
Letter of Permission$30.00
NSF - Returned Payment Charge
Parking fees See Parking Services for rates
​Payment schedule fee
Prior Learning Assessment fee
Maximum of $135.57
​Program Application fee
Replacement ONE Card Photo ID card
Supplemental fee
Tax receipt (T2202A) duplicate
Testing fee for applicants
$35.00 / 1 test
$45.00 / 2 tests
$55.00 / 3 tests
Rewrite $35.00
Transcript fee
$12.00 (HST included)
​Visa Refusal fee
WIL documentation fee
Fee range $42 - $112 (see Student Fee Invoice)
​Withdrawal fee - transfer to another institution
​$500.00 - domestic student
$2,500.00 - international student

Description of other fees

Audit Tuition Fee

An Audit Tuition Fee will be charged to students auditing a course (course hourly rates apply).

Completion of Forms/Verification Letters Fee

This fee is charged when a letter is requested from the Registrar's Office, or a form must be completed, verifying current or past enrolment. A Request for Letter Form is available for this purpose.  

Continuing Education Graduation/Alumni Services Fee

This per semester fee provides for all services related to graduation, convocation and the Alumni Association.      

Duplicate Documents of Recognition

If a duplicate copy of a Document of Recognition is required, the request must be made in writing to the Registrar's Office. A General Request Form (pdf) is available for this purpose. Documents that can be requested are: certificates, Ontario Graduate Certificates, Ontario college diplomas, Ontario college advanced diplomas, degrees, affirmations and statements of participation.

WIL Documentation Fee

This mandatory fee covers costs of tracking health-related student documentation required prior to student practicums.

Late Fee

Late fees are intended to ensure timeliness of tuition fee payments and are charged if fees are not received by the due date specified.

Legal Request Fees

Request by a legal authority for student file and/or record information. 

Letter of Permission

A Letter of Permission allows a student to take courses at another recognized post-secondary institution that may be considered for credit towards their program, subject to faculty/program approval and regulations. 

Parking Fees and Regulations

A system of paid parking is in place at Cambridge, Kitchener - Doon, Guelph and Waterloo (including University Gates). For information on regulations, rates and refunds, visit Parking Services

Prior Learning Assessment Fee

The fee associated with assessment of prior learning (PLAR) varies each academic year. Contact the Registrar's Office for the exact amount and a PLAR registration form.      

Late fees

A $150 late fee will be applied to payments received after the stated due date as posted on the Student Portal.