Tuition & fees estimator

This tool helps provide an estimate for full-time tuition and compulsory fees by program.

This estimator does not include fees such as books and supplies. This tool also provides an estimate to those interested in funded programs, such as Better Jobs Ontario.

Fees displayed are estimates based on information available at the time the estimate is produced.

Fees may differ based on pandemic guidelines and services offered.

Mechanical Techniques - Gas and Sheet Metal - #1511

Tuition and fee details for the year are listed below. Books and supplies are additional. Fees displayed are an estimate only. Future fees are subject to change.

Spring 2024 : Cambridge – Reuter Dr.

Level 1 - #1511
Description Spring 2024
International Program Tuition $7081.50
Administration Fee $25.00
CSI Advocacy Fee $8.00
CSI Association Fee $102.00
CSI College Int'l Health Insurance Plan (CIHIP) $174.90
CSI Extended Health & Dental Plan Fee $99.00
CSI Legal Care Fee $20.10
Graduation/Alumni Services Fee $20.00
ISR $375.00
ONE Card Fee $7.50
Student Services $86.00
Technology Enhancement Fee $110.00
CSI - Student Welcome Kit Fee (optional) $70.00
CSI Student Club & Society Fee (optional) $4.00
CSI Student Events Fee (optional) $30.00
Sustainability Fee (optional) $5.00
Term Total $8218.00