Anne Charles

Name Anne C. Charles
School School of Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Bachelor of Early Learning Program Development (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Engineering - Electronic Systems Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering - Mechanical Systems Engineering
  • Bachelor of Interior Design (Honours)
  • BScN Nursing (McMaster)
Academic and Professional Designations
  • PhD Higher Education, Theory and Policy Studies, (Toronto)
  • MSc Politics and Sociology (London)
  • BA Combined Studies: History & Sociology (Westminster)
Title Professor
Courses Taught
  • POLS72100/COLLAB1F03 - Political Structures and Issues
  • SOC71045 - Science, Technology and Society
  • SOC73030 - Examining Social Problems
  • LIBS1360 - Political Science
Areas of Expertise & Interest
  • Public policy and public administration (including higher education policy, organizational behaviour & governance)
  • Science, technology, & society
  • Political sociology
Industry Experience, Professional Currency Activities
  • 25+ years of post-secondary teaching experience
  • Strategic intelligence research for the private sector. Client list includes major financial institutions and multinational corporations. Past projects include information and communication technologies, health, life sciences, and biotechnologies.
  • 15+ years executive level governance service:
    • Past-chair, Institute of Public Administration of Canada, South West Ontario Region
    • Member of the Editorial Board. Papers on Postsecondary learning and Teaching (PPLT), University of Calgary
    • President, Canadian Society of Higher Education (2014-2016, 2017-2018)
Major Research Projects, Scholarly Activities, and/or Publications
Selected works:
  • Charles, Anne Caroline (2011) Policy Windows and Changing Arrangements: An Analysis of the Policy Process Leading to the Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology Act, 2002. (Ph.D. Thesis. University of Toronto.)
  • Charles, Anne C. Guest Editor. “Introduction to the Special Issue on Governance in Higher Education” Canadian Journal of Higher Education. Vol. 46, No. 3, 2016
  • Hirst, Sandra., Jeffs, Cheryl., Paris, Britney., Arcellana-Panlilio, Mayi., Charles, Anne. Hill, Laurie., & Hilman, Brianna. “Something to Say: Writing for Publication.” Papers on Postsecondary Learning and Teaching (PPLT)Vol. 3, 2019.
  • Charles, Anne C. Book Review of Zorn, Annika, Haywood, Jeff, & Glachant, Jean-Michel (Eds.) (2018). Higher Education in the Digital Age. Cheltenham, Glos., U.K.: Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd. Review Published in Canadian Higher Education Vol 50, No 1 (2020) pages 97-98.
Additional Information My research and academic interests are interdisciplinary. My work is premised on the awareness that politics and society are interconnected and that both broad civic engagement and public service are essential to a well-functioning democratic society.