Anthony Piscitelli

Name Anthony Piscitelli
School School of Interdisciplinary Studies
Program Public Service (Post-Graduate) Applied Research (Post-Graduate)
Academic and professional designations
  • ​Doctor of Philosophy – Geography
  • Master of Arts – Political Science
  • Bachelor of Arts – Honours Political Science & General Global Studies
  • Certified Municipal Manager Level Three (CMM III)
  • Accredited Canadian Credit Union Director (ACCUD)
  • Institute of Corporate Directors, Director (ICD.D)
Title ​Professor
Courses taught ​Understanding Research, Public Policy
Areas of expertise & interest
  • ​Non-profit, co-operative, and public sector governance
  • Social finance and impact investing
  • Survey research
Industry experience, professional currency activities
  • ​Currently board chair at Your Neighbourhood Credit Union
  • Nine years of experience in municipal government
  • Four years of management experience in the non-profit sector
Major research projects, scholarly activities, and/or publications ​Current projects:
  • Project Director for Leveraging Community Contributions to Acquire Local Real Estate for Long-Term Affordability and Sustainability a College and Community Innovation Program grant supporting the launch of a for-profit co-operatively owned affordable rental housing provider
Past projects:
  • Principle Investigator for Representative Governance an Insight Development Grant funded study building on Dr. Piscitelli's recent research exploring the tension board members face between representing the organization's membership and effective governance
Additional information When teaching, Anthony focuses on blending his practical experience with theoretical insights. He creates an engaging classroom by regularly encouraging his students to share their own insights and opinions.

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