David Harmes

Name David T. Harmes, CD, PhD
School School of Business
Program Bachelor of Public Relations (Honours)
Academic and Professional Designations
  • Doctorate of Philosophy (Communication & Culture)
  • Master of Arts (Media Studies)
  • Bachelor of Applied Arts (Photographic Arts)
Title Professor
Courses Taught
  • Public Relations Research (PRLN71210)
  • The Ethics of Advocacy (PRLN71220)
  • Public Relations Campaigns (PRLN72210)
  • Media, Culture, and Communication Theory (COMM71830)
  • International Public Relations (PRLN74000)
  • Advanced Public Relations Research (PRLN74010)
  • Public Relations Capstone (PRLN74040) 
Areas of Expertise & Interest


  • Nation-Building and Development Communication  
  • NATO-led Information Operations & Influence Activities
  • Digital Broadcasting & Community Radio Initiatives 
Industry Experience, Professional Currency Activities


  • Chief Influence Activities Advisor, 4th Canadian Division Influence Activities Company; Royal Hamilton Light Infantry, Burlington, ON
  • Chief Analyst, Canadian Forces International Broadcast Capability in Afghanistan. Peace Support Training Center, Kingston ON
  • Executive Director, The Midtown Radio Project, Kitchener, ON
Major Research Projects, Scholarly Activities, and/or Publications


  • Nation-Building with Soft Power: Journalism and the Promotion of Democracy in Failed and Failing States. Annual Conference of the Canadian Communication Association, Carlton University Ottawa 2009-05-19.
  • International Broadcasting and State-Building in Afghanistan: The Case of Canada's Rana FM. Dissertation prepared for Ryerson & York Universities Toronto, ON 2011-10-19.  
  • Corporate News: The Issue of Newspaper Ownership Revisited. Thesis Prepared for the Department of Communication, Concordia University Montreal, QC 1999-04-19.
Additional Information David Harmes is an academic and military officer specializing in the planning, development, and analysis of cultural intelligence and information strategy. Drawing on over 20 years of professional practice, his experience in the assessment and design of strategic communication campaigns, including Psychological Operations (PSYOPS) and Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC) is unique among communication scholars. David holds a PhD in Communication & Culture, and specializes in research related to development communication and post-conflict nation-building.