Donna Christine Carr

NameDonna Christine Carr
SchoolSchool of Health & Life Sciences
ProgramProgram Nursing - BScN
Academic and Professional
  • Registered Nurse – RN
  • Master of Nursing – MN
  • College of Nurses of Ontario – CNO
  • Registered Nurses Association of Ontario – RNAO
Courses Taught
  • N3X04 Professional Nursing Practice IV
  • N3Y04 / N3RY4 Professional Nursing Practice V
  • N3SS3 Nursing concepts in Health and Illness III
  • N3TT3 / N3RT3 Nursing Concepts in Health and Illness IV
  • N4J07 Professional Nursing Practice VI
  • N4K10 Professional Nursing Practice and the New Graduate
  • PNUR 2330 – Family Concepts
  • ECE 1050 – Health, Safety, and Nutrition
Areas of Expertise & Interest

Maternal & newborn care

  • Prenatal, intrapartum, and postpartum care
  • Healthy & high-risk pregnancy and birth
  • Care of healthy term and high-risk newborns
Industry Experience, Professional Currency Activities
  • Health Care Administration experience (Director at SickKids, Toronto; Clinical Manager at St. Joseph's Hospital, Hamilton)
  • Staff & continuing education (St. Joseph's Hospital & Mohawk College, Hamilton)
  • Patient care experience in NICU, L&D, and post-partum care
  • Professor nursing programs (Conestoga College)
Major Research Projects, Scholarly Activities, and/or PublicationsLandeen, Janet; Carr, Donna; Culver, Kirsten; Martin, Lynn; Mathew-Maich, Nancy; Noesgaard, Charlotte; and Beney-Gadsby, Larissa. The impact of curricular changes on BScN students' clinical learning outcomes. (2016). Nurse Education in Practice, 21, 51-58.
Additional InformationI continue to provide direct patient care to women and their newborns in both my faculty role with 3rd year BScN students at GRH, and as a staff RN at a community hospital. I encourage learners to suspend judgment, reflect on experiences, think critically, and ask "why?" to encourage deeper understanding of self, others, and course content.