Jessica Roloson

Name Jessica Roloson
SchoolSchool of Health & Life Sciences

Bachelor of Science - Nursing

Academic and Professional Designations
  • Master of Science in Nursing, McMaster University
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing, McMaster University-Mohawk College
  • Registered Nurse, College of Nurses of Ontario
Courses Taught

BScN Program:

  • Level 1 PBL, Service Learning and Clinical (N1F03/N1G03, N1K02, N1I02/N1J02, N2U03)
  • RPN - BScN Bridging PBL (N2A04/N2AA3)
  • Clinical (N3Y04), Level 4 Clinical (N4J07/N4K10)

PSW Program:

  • Theory (PSW 1650 - Resident Centered-care II)
  • Professional Practice (PSW 1675 and PSW 1680 Professional Care Practice, Community and Long-term care)
  • Community Simulation Labs
Areas of Expertise & Interest
  • Pediatric Nursing: Employed at McMaster Children's Hospital in Pediatric Medicine (3C) and Complex Care (3Z) and teach a Pediatric Clinical Placement at Grand River Hospital on the children's ward.
  • Nursing Education: Involved in curriculum development and review in the BScN program at Conestoga College and McMaster University.
Industry Experience, Professional Currency Activities
  • 9 years nursing experience in Pediatric Medicine and Complex Care.
  • Nursing Quality Council Executive, McMaster Children's Hospital Site and Community of Practice Co-chair, Hamilton Health Sciences
  • Former Pediatric Nurses Interest Group (PedNIG) of the RNAO.
  • Executive Board Member, Membership Officer and PedNIG Education Subcommittee Member
  • Former Education Clinician for Pediatric Medicine and Complex Care at McMaster Children's Hospital
Major Research Projects, Scholarly Activities, and/or Publications
  • RNAO Advanced Clinical Practice Fellowship (Fellowship Stream, Leadership-Education) entitled "Delivering a family-centred education program for caregivers of children with a tracheostomy: An interdisciplinary model improving the transition from hospital to home" at McMaster Children's Hospital, Hamilton Health Sciences in 2018
  • Collaborated with staff and families to create a patient and family education program entitled "Caring for your child's tracheostomy tube: An education program for parents and caregivers" at McMaster Children's Hospital, Hamilton Health Sciences
Additional Information

Enjoys coaching and mentoring students and staff as they enter the profession. Loves teaching students' hands-on skills in clinical and helping them develop their critical thinking skills. Passionate about pediatric practice and patient and family education in practice. Advocates for safe and quality care through Hamilton Health Sciences Nursing Quality Council and curriculum development in the BScN program.