Leanne Gosse

Name Leanne Gosse
School School of Health & Life Sciences and Community Services
Program Bachelor of Community and Criminal Justice
Academic and Professional Designations PhD, Psychology
Title Professor
Courses Taught
  • LAW 74060 Forensic Psychology
  • STAT 73100 Applied Statistics
  • SOC74000 Social Issues IV – Emerging Trends
  • PSYC72005 Abnormal Psychology
  • SOC71590  Human rights
  • POLS72000  Critical Issues in Public Policy
  • LAW 74040 – Advance Practice Seminar
Areas of Expertise & Interest
  • Psychology 
  • Justice 
  • Human Rights 
  • Organizational Behavior
Industry Experience, Professional Currency Activities
  • 10 years of experience as a project manager/research associate  
  • SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow in Psychology  
  • Consultant for an NGO and in I/O psychology
Major Research Projects, Scholarly Activities, and/or Publications

Gosse, L., Griffiths, D., Owen, F., & Feldman, M. (under revision). The impact of individualized planning approach on personal outcomes and supports for persons with intellectual disabilities. Journal of Policy and Practice in Intellectual Disabilities

Bobocel, D. R. & Gosse, L. (2015). Procedural Justice: A historical perspective. In R. Cropanzano & M. Ambrose (Eds.). Oxford handbook of psychology: Justice in work organizations. New York: Oxford University Press.

Gosse, L. & Roberts, K.P. (2014). Children’s use of a timeline to indicate when events occurred. Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology, 29, 36-43.
Additional Information

In addition to my scholarly activities noted above, I am active in the community, volunteering on the Breaking the Silence on Hidden Violence working group of the Crime Prevention Council and as a board member for Fit Active Beautiful (FAB).

As an instructor, I place a strong emphasis on multiple teaching pedagogies and student assessments. My teaching is heavily influenced by my scholarship in the area of the psychology of justice and I strive to create an open, comfortable and fair learning environment.
Email Address lgosse@conestogac.on.ca