Liz Wishart

Name Liz Wishart
School Health & Life Sciences
ProgramBScN (McMaster)
Academic and professional designations
  • Master of Science, Nursing (McMaster University)
  • Bachelor of Science, Nursing (University of Windsor)
  • Registered Nurse, College of Nurses Ontario
Title Professor
Courses taught
  • N1I02/N1J02 - Introduction to Nursing Practice I
  • N1F03 - Introduction to Nursing and Health I
  • N1K02 - Community Engagement and Citizenship
  • N4J07/N4K10 - Professional Nursing Practice
  • N4Q03 - Advanced Nursing Concepts II
Areas of expertise & interest
  • Community & Rural Hospital Nursing Care
  • Oncology Nursing
  • Nursing Education & Technology-Based Teaching and Learning
Industry experience, professional currency activities
  • Clinical Educator, Medical Day Clinic and Rehabilitation
  • Nursing Resource Team and Medical Nursing in Community/Rural Hospital Settings Project Management
Major research projects, scholarly activities, and/or publications
  • Bryant-Lukosius, D., Martin-Misener, R., Tranmer, J., Jokiniemi, K, Rietkoetter, S., & Wishart, E. (2021). Resources to facilitate advanced practice nursing outcome research. In Kleinpell, R. (Eds.), Outcome assessment in advanced practice nursing (5th ed.) (pp. 261-287). Springer Publishing. DOI 10.1891/9780826151261
  • RNAO Advanced Clinical Practice Fellowship - Managing and Mitigating Conflict in Health-care Teams - 2014
Additional informationLiz seeks to share her passion for the nursing profession while integrating technology in her teaching style. She strives to incorporate aspects of mindful self-compassion into her teaching in order to foster a positive learning environment.