Robyn Plunkett

Name Robyn Plunkett
School Health & Life Sciences
  • Nursing – BScN (McMaster)
Academic and professional designations
  • PhD (Western)
  • MScN (Western)
  • BScN (Montreal)
  • BSc (Waterloo)
  • Post-doctoral training (Waterloo)
  • Registered Nurse (RN-Ontario)
Title Professor
Courses taught
  • HTHSCI1RR3 - Introduction to Social Determinants of Health
  • NSG4J07 - Professional Nursing Practice
Areas of expertise & interest
  • Rural health
  • Health equity
  • Nursing education
Major research projects, scholarly activities, and/or publications
  • Plunkett, R., & Chen, P. (2016). Supporting healthy dementia culture: An exploratory study of the church. Journal of religion and health, 55(6), 1917-1928.
  • Plunkett, R., Leipert, B. D., & Ray, S. L. (2013). Unspoken phenomena: Using the photovoice method to enrich phenomenological inquiry. Nursing Inquiry, 20(2), 156-164.
  • Leipert, B. D., Regan, S., & Plunkett, R. (2015). Working through and around: exploring rural public health nursing practices and policies to promote rural women's health. Online Journal of Rural Nursing and Health Care, 15(1), 74-99.
  • Plunkett, R. D., Iwasiw, C. L., & Kerr, M. (2010). The intention to pursue graduate studies in nursing: A look at BScN students' self-efficacy and value influences. International journal of nursing education scholarship, 7(1).