Tony Thoma

Name Tony Thoma
School of Engineering and Technology, Trades & Apprenticeship
  • Bachelor of Applied Technology (Honours) - Architecture - Project and Facility Management
  • Bachelor of Engineering - Building Systems Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering - Electronic Systems Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering - Mechanical Systems Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering - Power Systems Engineering
  • Bachelor of Interior Design (Honours)
Academic and Professional Designations
  • BSc Metallurgy and Materials Science
  • BBA Business
  • MBA
  • CDir (Chartered Director)
  • PEng
TitleExecutive Dean, Engineering, Technology, Trades & Apprenticeship, Institute of Food Processing
Program/ School Portfolio
  • 4 yr Engineering programs
  • 3 yr Technology programs
  • 2 yr Technician programs
  • Pre programs, postgraduate certificate programs
  • Apprenticeship Delivery
Areas of Expertise & Interest
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Materials Development
  • Process and Quality Control
Industry Experience, Professional Currency Activities
  • 28 years of industrial experience
  • Metallurgical processes including casting and marching of automotive parts
  • Design and construction of manufacturing facilities
  • Process automation and quality control
  • Energy management
  • Corporate governance
Major Research Projects, Scholarly Activities, and/or Publications
  • Development of Additive Manufacturing Centre focused on Metal 3D printing
  • Energy management, quality, demand reduction research