Ulysses Klee

Dr. Ulysses Klee
School of Health & Life Sciences
Bachelor of Environmental Public Health

Academic and Professional Designations

  • Ph. D (Biology/Environmental Toxicology)
  • M.Sc. (Biology/Cell Regulation)
  • H.B.Sc. (Biology/Chemistry)
  • Member of Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry

Courses Taught

  • Environmental Chemistry (CHEM 71000)
  • Introductory Chemistry (CHEM 71050)
  • Introduction to Environmental Science (ENVR 71020)
  • Environmental Toxicology (ENVR 72015)
  • Waste Management (ENVR 72040)
  • Advanced Toxicology (ENVR 73020)
  • Air Quality (ENVR 73050)
  • Risk Assessment and Risk Communication (ENVR 74020)

Areas of Expertise & Interest

  • Human and Ecological Toxicology
  • Environmental Risk Assessment and Risk Communication
  • Environmental Science
  • Sustainable Systems

Industry Experience, Professional Currency Activities

  • 21 years of experience investigating contaminant spills and contaminated sites using environmental toxicology and risk assessment
  • 10 years of experience teaching environmental toxicology, risk assessment and risk communication
  • Long-standing member of the Atlantic Eco-RBCA Task group that recently developed a novel risk assessment approach for addressing petroleum hydrocarbons in the environment

Major Research Projects, Scholarly Activities, and/or Publications

Selection of conference presentations:

  • Klee, U., A. Sparks (2014). Defining Background Conditions and Using Background Concentrations in Ecological Risk Assessment. RPIC Conference, Ottawa, Ontario
  • Klee. U (2013). Panel Discussion on Unconventional Gas Exploration. Potential Environmental Risk Associated with Fracking Chemicals. Aquatic Toxicity Workshop, Fredericton, NB.
Selection of recent publications:
  • Hull, R., Stephenson, G. and Klee, U. 2008. Technical Update: Use of the Weight-of-Evidence Approach in Ecological Risk Assessment under Ontario Regulation 153/04. Ontario Ministry of the Environment
​Additional Information

Ulysses has been fortunate to have had an exciting and diverse career in environmental consulting. However, his passion has always been with teaching and he looks forward to the opportunity to share his knowledge and experiences (successes and failures) with the students in the BEPH program at Conestoga College.

Ulysses is also rediscovering his inner "environmentalist". So do not be surprised if you find him building a solar collector, designing a bird-friendly wind-turbine, or hugging a tree.