Employee Portal FAQ

What is full-time employee self service?

Full-time employee self service allows full-time employees to view their human resources data online, as well as update their contact information.

What kind of information can I see?

  • Personal information
  • Contact information (and update)
  • Employment information
  • Position information
  • Compensation details
  • Appraisal history
  • Education details
  • Annual entitlements, leave banks and leave history

How do I login?

When accessing full-time employee self service you will be presented with the login dialog box. Enter the network login name that you use at the college, and then enter your password (same as network login password). You can also login by entering your Employee ID and associated password (SIS/Student Portal password) if you do not have a network (Active Directory) account. Click on OK to complete the login. This dialog box will be displayed again if the login information is not correct allowing you to retry the login procedure.

Who can use it?

All full-time college employees can access the employee self service module.

Can the full-time employee self service be accessed from home?

Yes, access is available from home just as your e-mail is available from home. Your login access is the same at home as from any college computer.

What are the hours of availability?

The employee self-service module is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, except for posted maintenance periods.