Coordinator information

Fall 2021 full-time registration and enrolment information

Registration/enrolment information

  • Student access to fall term timetables starts August 9, 2021.
  • Elective selection starts August 9, 2021.
  • Registration for part-time courses starts September 7, 2021.

Course selection

  • The Student Portal opens August 9, 2021, at which time students may add/drop courses for the term.
  • If students cannot complete registration through the Student Portal, they must complete a Course Change Request Form found in the Student Portal, under the "Services" tab, "My Forms" sub-tab.
  • NEW: Elective requests for students should not be added to the Course Change Request Form. To add electives on behalf of a student, please use the new Faculty ECC form through Laserfiche.
  • The Course Change Request and ECC form can be initiated by a student or faculty.

Log in to Laserfiche.

  • Username: Your full Conestoga email address.
  • Password: The same password as your network login.

Supplemental information

Registration instructions

When communicating with a student, it is your responsibility to ensure:

  • the accuracy of the course/section number
  • a timetable conflict doesn't occur due to the added course(s)

If a student needs to be force enrolled into a course section, the approval of the program chair is required, along with an explanation for the force enrol. For example: allowing a timetable conflict or allowing a student to take a course when they are missing a prerequisite.

Extra course fees

Fees will apply for additional courses above the normal course load. Students must pay fees for part-time and additional courses via the Student Portal within 48 hours of the course being added by the Enrolment Officer. For International students who have added surplus courses in their level and qualify for the domestic rate, fees and course adjustments will be done automatically by the Registrar's Office.

Part-time Studies (Day Courses) registration

Part-time Studies (Day Courses) registration begins on the first day of classes through the Student Portal. An individual requesting registration for a course that is not available through their student portal and part of a full-time cohort program, must follow the Part-time studies (day courses) registration process.