Training solutions

Workshops through Conestoga's Corporate Training department are available in a wide variety of areas. Whether you are looking for a half-day workshop to refresh employee skills or an intensive program to achieve employee certification, Conestoga has the offering to meet your needs.

Training can be:
  • Custom-designed to meet your specific training needs
  • Delivered in short modules to minimize time away from work
  • Provided virtually, on location, or off-site
  • Received through a variety of affordable workshops, offered regularly during the day
  • Obtained part-time through Continuing Education evening and weekend classes

Areas of training 


Leadership Fundamentals: Emotional Intelligence (CORP0100) Remote delivery option

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the measurement of social as well as emotional functioning and how it represents our success and well-being throughout our personal and professional lives. Research proves that in most industries, EQ is twice as important as IQ and technical skills combined. Effective leaders are the people who know their own strengths and are able to self-manage their emotions to stay flexible and positive. Overall, this workshop will increase self-awareness of behaviour, provide strategies for managing emotions and methods for delivering difficult feedback.
Duration: 7 hours

Mindful Communication (CORP0110) Remote delivery option

Communicating is becoming more difficult in today’s fast-paced world, and managing the various communication channels requires effective information and formal communication skills. This workshop will help you identify the key elements of communicating and learn specific, effective communication strategies as well as how to identify and overcome communication barriers.
Duration: 7 hours

Flipping Conflict (CORP0120) Remote delivery option

Conflict in the workplace consumes a great deal of time and energy which can lead to frustrated leaders thinking ‘flipping conflict.’ But what if leaders could ‘flip’ the conflict into positive, productive, conversations about how to make improvements? This workshop is about understanding what caused the conflict, identifying difficult situations instead of difficult people and moving an organization forward with creative ideas and positive change. Tools to help build trust, diffuse negative emotions and understanding where the conflict started will help participants deal with conflict as it arises.
Duration: 7 hours

Synergistic Teams (CORP0130)

This workshop provides an overview of the different types of teams that can currently be found within different work environments. It will guide participants to use proven techniques that help to build trust within teams and ensure that teams are running at peak efficiency. It will also help with conflict management and team development in order to maximize your team’s present and future.
Duration: 7 hours

Conscious Time Management (CORP0150) Remote delivery option

Professionals who are seeking to improve time-management skills so they can perform more effectively will learn to identify effective time-management strategies. These include goal-setting techniques, establishing priorities, importance of work-life balance, as well as identifying tasks that are appropriate for delegation.
Duration: 7 hours

Coaching for Performance (CORP0140) Remote delivery option

This workshop will help participants develop and maximize their personal and professional potential. It will address skills and abilities, confidence and competence, different learning styles and overall willingness to take responsibility for one’s own destiny. Participants will understand the role of the coach versus the mentor as well as recognize their own strengths and limitations in this role.
Duration: 7 hours

Inclusive Leadership (CORP0180) Remote delivery option

This workshop provides an overview of the different biases that we bring to our role as leaders. Participants will unpack and identify their own diversity story in order to build tools to perform as an inclusive leader and promote diversity and inclusion amongst their teams. The participant will analyze the employment life cycle of their employees to recognize biases and reduce blind spots in their leadership practices.


Facilitation with Confidence (CORP0230)

This training session is ideal for individuals who want to improve their confidence and learn new tricks to overcome public speaking challenges. Participants will learn how to identify and resolve their weaknesses, as well as learn how to overcome stage fright. Participants will develop tools to properly structure and implement visual aids throughout a presentation while understanding how to capture an audience with an effective message delivery.
Duration: 7 hours

Train the Trainer (CORP0210)

Training and development is one of the most important elements within most, if not all, industries. This workshop will provide a practical how-to guide of the entire training process from analysis to evaluation. As a participant, you will gain new skills and tools from icebreakers, training techniques and presentation strategies. Overall, you will learn how to maximize learners and receive the most of your staff.
Duration: 7 hours

Finance for Non-Financial (CORP0240)

This course is suited for individuals with little to no previous financial knowledge. You will learn accounting functions and statements including profit, loss, balance sheet and cash flow. It will also differentiate between key accounting terminology and the different types of cost concepts such as direct, indirect, fixed or variable. Ultimately, you will build an understanding of the basic accounting elements and components.
Duration: 7 hours

Project Management (CORP0250)

This workshop will focus on the importance of prioritizing steps when completing a project. It will showcase and optimize the proper resources, help develop leadership skills and strength communication skills. By using these new skills and tools combined with your current teams’ talent and co-operation, it will maximize efficiency, leading to a cost-effective result.
Duration: 7 hours

Microsoft Office (Remote delivery option)

Conestoga offers courses if you’re in need of help with any of the Microsoft Suite programs. Courses are available on Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook (from beginner to intermediate). Excel is the only course offered for three levels as it one of the more common selections and utilizes a wide variety of skills and tools.
Duration: 6 hours

Exceptional Customer Service (CORP0200)

One of the biggest elements in today’s fast paced business world is the importance of good customer service. Poor customer service skills can be detrimental to a business as consumers are continually posting their experiences (good and bad) online. This course will help you understand the five needs of customers, quantify the impact of great customer service on profitability and develop strategies to handle difficult customers.
Duration: 7 hours

Dealing with Difficult Customers (CORP0220)

This course will give participants a six-step process that they can use and modify to resolve conflicts of any size. Participants will also learn effective communication methods, crucial conflict resolution skills, tools for building and choosing solutions as well as the structure to complete a root cause analysis.


Excel Data Management (COMP0273)

This course is intended for participants who are familiar with Microsoft Excel and is suitable for users of either version of Microsoft Excel 2013 and or 2016. Topics covered include; maintaining data, sorting lists, filtering lists, summarizing data, working with pivot tables and working with external data.
Duration: 6 hours

Office 365 (COMP0247)

This course will cover many components of Office 365, starting with navigating your account, finding help and changing settings. We then move to using desktop apps, communicating with Outlook online, configuring the Outlook Web App, managing contacts and using the calendar. We will work with Office online apps, Word and Excel. You will learn more about file storage and collaboration with OneDrive for Business. We will also cover file storage and collaboration with SharePoint Online.
Duration: 7 hours

Adobe Acrobat (CORP0290)

In this essentials of Adobe Acrobat workshop, we will cover the basic of using Adobe Acrobat. Some topics include accessing PDF documents, creating and saving, navigating content, modifying, reviewing, converting, exporting and using Acrobat touchscreen devices.
Duration: 7 hours

Introduction to Cloud Computing

This half-day workshop will define cloud computing and describe the impact it has on the IT industry. It is ideal for beginners who are looking to gather and understand what cloud computing is and how it affects the ever-changing technology sector. In order to ensure success in this course, it is recommended that participants have basic computer knowledge.
Duration: 1/2 day


Blueprint Reading

This course is an introduction to blueprint reading and engineering drawing. Students will learn to apply the principles of orthographic projection, reading and interpreting technical drawings, the use of drawing instruments along with drawing layout and dimensioning techniques.  

Electrical Motor Controls

This course will cover electrical hazards and safety precautions including workshop rules. Electrical motor components, DC motors and motor controls are covered. The course will also include AC motors including single-phase, three-phase and motor controls. This hands-on course will provide a solid foundation in EMCs.  

Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing

GD&T is a system for defining and communicating engineering tolerances. Students will experience how this course will extend basic drafting skills knowledge to the applied principles of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing. An emphasis will be placed on the interpretation and application of symbols to drawings, measurements and quality control.  

Hoisting and Rigging

This course will be of interest to participants from industrial plants that have to use hoists and/or overhead cranes in their jobs. Topics include: hoisting, rigging hazards, fibre ropes, knots and hitches, hardware, wire rope and slings, rigging tools and devices, and crane operations which covers safety, hand signals, electric hoists and practical exercises using the overhead crane.

Programmable Logic Controllers - PLC (CNTR0090)

This course introduces the new user to the area of industrial programming. It is intended for individuals who have very little or no experience with PLC controlled systems. It is intended to illustrate the use of PLC hardware, software and process automation control instead of relay logic control.
Duration: 8 hours

Refrigeration B Exam Prep Training (MECH1825) - Remote delivery option

This 120-hour training session will teach students the concepts needed to challenge the TSSA Refrigeration Operator Class “B” exam. Students in this course will discuss jurisdiction and the regulations, acts and codes that pertain to a person working in a refrigeration plant. The principles, fundamentals and theory of refrigeration and how they are applied to practical mechanical processes will also be covered. Upon successful completion, students will receive a Recognition of Learning from Conestoga.
Duration: 120 hours

Technical Writing

This course is designed to provide participants with the necessary skills for drafting effective and concise written communications. Participants will be shown various communication techniques that can be applied towards workplace documents, such as memos, letters, reports and presentations. Practical applications and techniques to overcome communication barriers, writing and designing training materials and technical manuals will also be covered. The course reviews the entire writing process, step-by-step.

Tool Safety

This safety module, when successfully completed, will provide an understanding of correct procedures on selected tool room equipment (i.e. table saw, drillpress, and sander). In addition, personal safety habits within a tool room, for example lifting, appropriate attire, etc. (to conventional standards) will be covered. Practical applications will be included. This course serves as a preliminary safety orientation. Additional training should be considered for proficiency in machine operation.


Introduction to Six Sigma

This course is based on classical design of experiment theory. It provides a structured design of experiments framework which includes the planning, conducting, analyzing and interpreting of data. Discussions on distributions and the application of different experimentation strategies to achieve set objectives, such as simple comparative, single factor, completely randomized blocking, full factorial and fractional factorial designs are covered.  

Root Cause Analysis and Structured Problem Solving

This course will equip the student with tools and procedures to effectively analyze and resolve problems when the cause in unknown. Various problem solving methodologies will be explored and contrasted, however, the focus will be on The Eight Disciplines or 8D problem solving process as developed by the Ford Motor Company.   

Measurement and Metrology

This course will examine the principles of dimensional metrology, applied precision measuring instruments relating to geometric features and complex measuring instruments.  

Statistical Methods

The course will develop the skills of statistical analysis and decision making, testing of hypotheses, risks of incorrect decisions, estimation of population parameters, sample size determination, analysis of variance, correlation and regression techniques.  

Process Capability

This course develops the more advanced statistical techniques to evaluate quality, analyze processes, products and out-of-control conditions, solve manufacturing problems, establish and evaluate specifications and tolerances, and reduce product variability.  


Gentle Persuasive Approaches (HEAL1895)

GPA Basics is an innovative, 4-module dementia-care curriculum based on a person-centred approach to care. The curriculum is evidence-based, interactive and practical. The program guides participants to fully understand responsive behaviours in order to be able to respond effectively and appropriately in a workplace setting. GPA Basics also includes respectful self-protective and gentle redirection techniques for use when catastrophic behaviours do occur.
Duration: 8 hours

Approaches to Conflict & Escalated Behaviours (ACES) (CORP0260)

This online module will present employees with the tools and strategies to deal with aggressive behaviour in the workplace. Participants will explore the nature of anger and aggression, discuss a person-centred approach and be introduced to communication techniques to respond to aggressive behaviour. Tips to promote a "safe" culture in the workplace as well as self-care strategies will be presented.

Safe Food Handling Certification (FOOD1185)

Train in-class for the Food Safety Handler's Certification. During the last two hours of the course participants will write the exam to become a certified food handler. Build your knowledge and improve your safe food handling skills to earn a Region of Waterloo Public Health Safety Food Handlers Wallet Card. A minimum of 70% is required to earn the certificate. Food safety training is recommended for all persons who work in institutions, retail, restaurant or wholesale food services.
Duration: 7 hours

Supportive Care Training Program (Remote delivery option)

The supportive care program prepares learners to assist individuals needing support to live independently in the home or community. Emphasis is placed on developing the knowledge, skills and competencies to deliver quality, safe and ethical assistance to those in need. Learners will develop a clear understanding of their role as a member of the health-care team and how they can add real value to the health-care system and positively influence the lives of others. They will learn how to communicate effectively with clients and engage in activities that support the needs and preferences of people for whom they care and their families.

Mental Health First Aid (HEAL1810)

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is the help provided to a person developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis. Just as physical first aid is administered to an injured person before medical treatment can be obtained, MHFA is given until appropriate treatment is found or until the crisis is resolved. This course aims to improve mental health literacy and provide the skills and knowledge to help people better manage potential or developing mental health problems in themselves, a family member, a friend or a colleague. Anyone can benefit from MHFA training. It is open to members of the general public.
Duration: 12 hours

Palliative Care Workshop Series (Remote delivery option)

This workshop series will give nurses and PSWs confidence to care for palliative residents and clients. There are four workshops for nurses and three workshops for PSWs. The content focuses on communication skills, pain and symptom assessment, management and legal, and ethics for palliative care.