Grading Legend
Grade Grade Point Range Effective Sept. 2005
A+ 4.0 90-100%
A 3.75 80-89%
B+ 3.50 75-79%
B 3.0 70-74%
C+ 2.5 65-69%
C 2.0 60-64%
D 1.0 55-59%
F 0 Below passing grade for the course
EX   Advanced Standing/Exemption
AG   Aegrotat Standing
I   Incomplete
ITC   Internal Transfer Credit
TC   Transfer Credit
P   Passed
AU   Audit
AT   Attended an ungraded course
W   Withdrawal from course (before the drop deadline)
Y   Discontinued by the College
DNA   Registered but did not attend
I/P   Course remains in process at end of term

The minimum passing grade for a course is 55% unless otherwise stated on the course outline or College calendar. Conestoga College Academic policies are available here.


Some courses and programs may also record achievement as:
Pass(P) The course outcomes are satisfactorily met in a course which uses the pass/fail grading system.
Fail(F) Failure to meet course outcomes in an acceptable manner

Ungraded Courses

Some courses are ungraded and these will record that a student/ participant either:
AT attended an ungraded course
DNA registered but did not attend

Grade Point Average (GPA)

At the end of each course, the final grade earned or other notation is recorded on the student record and made available through the Student Portal at the end of each session/semester or upon completion of a program of study.    The session Grade Point Average and/or the Program Grade Point Average will be automatically calculated and recorded on the transcript.

Grade Point (GP)

Session Grade Point Average (GPA)

Program Grade Point Average (GPA)

Grade Point Average - Calculation

The Session Grade Point Average and/or the Program Grade Point Average will be displayed on the transcript/achievement record and calculated as follows:

(Pass/Fail courses are not included.)

Use of Grade Point Average

The Program/Cohort GPA may be used to determine the academic standing and academic awards.

Academic Standing Decisions

Academic decisions are based on a student’s academic achievement with respect to the promotion standards of the program of study.  Academic decisions are entered on the student’s permanent academic record and will appear on the transcript.  Progress from one level to the next is dependent upon successful completion of courses and/or meeting program promotion standards.

Students are informed in advance of the standards which will determine successful progression through the Program of Study to program completion.  Students who require longer than the designed program duration to complete their studies are accountable for completing any new and/or additional courses or program requirements that may result due to changes in the Program of Study.  In such cases, the Chair of the program may grant exemptions where it is deemed appropriate.

Based on a student’s academic achievement and following the promotion guidelines of the program, an academic standing decision is assigned to the student record indicating progress/promotion/graduation.

Allowed to graduate.

Met Requirements
Met requirements of program.

Eligible to Continue
Promoted to the next academic level of the program.

Special Timetable - Same Level
Not promoted, or allowed to graduate due to missing/failed course(s).  However, student is allowed to return to the program to repeat/complete missing/failed course(s).

Academic Probation
Promoted to next level with a special timetable and academic conditions.

Decision Pending
A temporary decision, pending receipt of final marks.

Discontinued (formerly College Withdrawal)
Initiated by the College due to the student’s failure to meet program objectives.

Required to Withdraw
College initiated termination of studies due to non-academic performance.

Student Achievement Report

The Student Achievement Report includes an Academic Standing Decision and all courses with or without a formal assessment component. These reports are available at the end of each session via the Student Portal or those with decisions other than "Eligible to Continue" will be issued/mailed by the Registrar's Office. Marks are considered confidential information and, therefore, are not given out over the telephone under any circumstances. When inquiring about achievement, the Student Identification Number must be provided.


Official transcripts contain the academic achievements of a student and bear the official stamp of the educational institution and are usually sent to a third party. Applicable fee will apply for transcript requests.

Note: Allow at least two weeks for processing. Due to volume, the College will not fax or make special arrangements for delivery. Official transcripts will not be issued to students with outstanding tuition, residence or incidental fees.

How to Request a Transcript

To have your Ontario college or university transcript transferred to your college or university application choices:

If you are applying online (for college: OR for university: and are currently attending or previously attended an Ontario college or an Ontario university, you must request transcripts by completing the online or OUAC Transcript Request Form.

If you require an official Conestoga College transcript for other purposes, please complete the Request for Transcript Form (pdf) and send it to the Registrar's Office.

Academic Credentials/Documents of Recognition

Depending on the program, the official documents awarded by the Board of Governors in recognition of successful completion of a program are:

Ontario College Certificate
Baccalaureate Degree
Ontario College Advanced Diploma
Ontario College Diploma
Ontario College Graduate Certificate

Additional information on academic policies and procedures may be found at our policies website.


An Affirmation for courses with a formal assessment component may be obtained by completing the General Request Form (pdf) and submitting to the Registrar’s Office with the applicable fee. This document is suitable for framing.

Statement of Participation

A Statement of Participation indicates the student's attendance and participation in a course in which there is no formal assessment (provided the course is eligible) and may be obtained by completing the General Request Form (pdf) and submitting to the Registrar's Office with the applicable fee. This document is suitable for framing.

Certificate of Achievement

Awarded by the Office of the Registrar to students who have successfully completed outcomes of a prescribed program; typically less than 180 hours in duration. This certificate will include the logo and seal of the Conestoga and will be signed by the Registrar.

Recognition of Learning

This document is awarded by the program team in order to recognize learning that does not qualify for a credential/document as outlined in the definitions above.

Document Replacement

If a duplicate copy of a Document is required, the request must be made in writing to the Registrar's Office. A General Request Form (pdf) is available for this purpose. Documents that can be requested are Certificates, Ontario College Certificates, Ontario College Diplomas, Ontario College Advanced Diplomas, Ontario College Graduate Certificate, Applied Degrees, Affirmations and Statements of Participation. Applicable fees apply.


Official graduation ceremonies take place in June and November at the Recreation Centre and feature presentation of Diplomas, Certificates, Degrees and presentation of special College-wide awards.

To be eligible to participate, the student must have successfully completed all program requirements by a specific date (which permits the Registrar’s Office to process your records) and the program must qualify for participation in the ceremonies.  If program requirements are not completed until after the date set, the student would be eligible to participate in the next scheduled Convocation.

Information on Convocation is mailed to all potential graduates.  To attend the ceremony, students must register their attendance through the student portal.

Note: In programs where an Academic Standing Decision of "Met Requirements" is assigned upon completion of the program, the students are not eligible to participate in the convocation ceremony.

Application to Graduate

Application to Graduate: If a student is not registered in a full-time program, and is completing the final course(s) of the program on a part-time basis, the Application to Graduate Form (pdf) must be completed and submitted to the Registrar's Office. Applicable fee will apply.

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