Work abroad

Canadian employers consider global skills and competencies (such as interpersonal and intercultural relationship building, problem-solving, resilience, adaptability, and teamwork) essential to thriving in a global economy.

Gain these essential skills during your studies at Conestoga by working abroad during your co-op term.

Contact your co-op advisor or field placement officer at the Conestoga Talent Hub for information on working abroad during your co-op, field placement or internship. 

Note: many organizations can help you find a work abroad experience. Some examples include Go Abroad, International Rural Exchange, Absolute Internship, Engineers Without Borders, etc. While Conestoga has no partnerships with such organizations, contact us if you are exploring opportunities through a third party or by yourself, and we would be happy to discuss. Before binding yourself to any agreements or commitments, you must ensure that your work abroad experience is pre-approved by the Talent Hub and your academic chair. Email for more information.