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How to respond to emergency situations EMERGENCY GUIDE


Security Services' Walksafe service provides escorts to staff, students and visitors at Doon campus upon request during the school year between the hours of 6:45 p.m. to 10:45 p.m., Monday to Thursday. Walksafe teams are located at Doors 1 and 6 and can be accessed for escorts anywhere on college property, Residence and to homes in the nearby vicinity.

To access this service, go to Door 1, Door 6 or Security Services located at 2B10-6. Additionally, you can contact Security Services at extension 3357.

Security staff is also present at Waterloo, Doon & Cambridge 24/7 and at Brantford and Guelph in the afternoons until midnight. Any member of the college community may request a security escort to their vehicles or nearby residence during that time frame.

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