Welcome to Student Rights and Responsibilities

As a student, you are entitled to learn, study and work in an environment that is civil, safe and respectful of your well-being and dignity — that is your right. 

As a student, you are also expected to conduct yourself in a responsible manner that provides all members of the Conestoga community with the same respect and dignity that you are entitled to — that is your responsibility. 

Rights and responsibilities are a partnership; you cannot have one without the other.

As a college, Conestoga is committed to working together to uphold the standards from which the foundation of the Student Rights and Responsibilities policies and procedures reflect.

Integrity: standing for honesty and ethics in education.

Respect: contributing to a welcoming learning environment that values difference. 

Inclusion: creating a culture and environment that embraces and allows for individual and community expression as well as participation.

Equity: promoting fairness and transparency while supporting the rights and dignity of all. 

Success: supporting students to achieve their highest potential through the development of skills and knowledge to launch successful careers.