Self-employment for Newcomers

Building excellence in entrepreneurship

The IRCC-funded Self-Employment for Newcomers: Building Excellence in Entrepreneurship project helps newcomers with starting and building their business in Canada.

This entrepreneurship program provides one-to-one support, information, resources, tools and business planning training to newcomers who are focused on starting their own business. This free, 16-week project delivers three main components with the focus on supporting the development of the individual business. These include:

  1. Comprehensive and interactive workshops that feature theory to support the concepts of entrepreneurship and how to build and validate a profitable business in Ontario.
  2. One-to-one mentoring on a weekly basis to provide encouragement and support the participants with their decisions while ensuring that they are on an upward trajectory towards meeting their end goal. This component also helps to monitor that the workshop content is being applied and understood.
  3. Networking opportunities created by the project team as well as leveraging community events. These events have been vital in supporting and building meaningful contacts that result in sales and business collaboration.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Market validation
  • Promotional development
  • Sales and development
  • LinkedIn networking
  • Pricing and profit validation
  • Legal and financial considerations

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