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Student Success Advisors

Who we are

No matter your campus, school, or program, there is a Student Success Advisor (SSA) available to support you. Your SSA is there when you don't know where to start, are experiencing challenges affecting your learning experience, or need help succeeding in your program.

Visit Who is my Student Success Advisor (SSA)? to identify your SSA and then sign in to the Student Success Portal to book an appointment.     

What we do

SSAs assist you throughout your academic journey. They coach, support, and guide you to set and meet your academic goals. Working together, you and your SSA will form a partnership, requiring effort and commitment for you to be successful in reaching your goals.

We're here to help you:

  • plan for your academic program, including program requirements and course changes
  • understand college systems, policies, procedures, and steps
  • take responsibility for your learning, goal setting, and success
  • implement strategies for making informed decisions and achieving your goals
  • access referrals to academic, wellness, and personal support resources
Administrative staff
NameTitle & program
Dr. Michelle Grimes
Executive Dean, School of Business
​Jenn McIvor
Executive Assistant & Administrative Coordinator
Mona Nouroozifar
​Dean, Undergraduate Studies
Lil Premsukh Singh
​Dean, Graduate Studies
Aaron Blair
​Director, Development
Natalie Green
​Program Manager
Adam Cornwall
Program and ​Curriculum Development Consultant
Victoria Kennedy
Program and ​​Curriculum Development Consultant
Rebecca Sullivan
Program and ​​Curriculum Development Consultant
Amanda Di Battista
​Chair, Scholarship & Community
​Anna Hohenadel
​Accreditation Consultant
​Lorna Hart
​Chair, Continuing Education and Part-time Studies
Maja Veletanlic (on leave)
​Manager, Curriculum and Business Development, Continuing Education and Part-time Studies
Marley Martin (on leave)
Manager, Curriculum and Business Development, Continuing Education and Part-time Studies​
Erin Leroux
​Program Manager, Continuing Education and Part-time Studies
Kathy MacDonald

Chair, Undergraduate Studies (B225 portfolio)

  • Business (0062)
  • Business Administration - Management (0055)
  • Business Fundamentals (1187)
  • Business - International Business (1479)
  • Health Office Administration (1047)
  • Medical Office Practices (1308)
  • Office Administration - Executive (1096)
  • Office Administration - General (1095)
  • Office Administration - Legal (1098)
Kamal Warraich KaurProgram Manager (B225 portfolio)
Polly Gomides
​Program Manager (B225 portfolio)
Karey Rowe

Chair, Undergraduate Studies (B228 portfolio)

  • Honours BBA - Accounting, Audit & Information Technology (1241C)
  • Honours BBA - International Business Management (1172(C))
  • Bookkeeping (1271)
  • Business - Purchasing (1282)
  • Business Administration - Accounting (0011)
  • Business Administration - Accounting (accelerated) (2011)
  • Business Administration - Supply Chain & Operations Management (0045(C))
  • Payroll and Bookkeeping (1556(C))
Joe Varamo
​Program Manager (B228 portfolio)
Jamie Wiebe

Chair, Undergraduate Studies (B227 portfolio)

  • Bachelor of Commerce - Financial Planning (1551(C))
  • Bachelor of Human Resource Management (1624C) - launching Fall 2024
  • Business - Finance (1396)
  • Business - Insurance (0722(C))
  • Business - Marketing (1242)
  • Business Administration - Financial Planning (1033)
  • Business Administration - Marketing (0013(C))
​Keri Solomon
​Program Manager (B227 portfolio)
Kimberley Snage

Chair, Graduate Studies (B224 portfolio)

  • Administrative Business Management (1422)
  • Business Management - Entrepreneurship & Innovation (1587)
  • Career Development Professional (0869)
  • Global Business Management (1247)
  • Immigration and Refugee Case Management (1619) (Launching Winter 2025)
  • Management & Leadership Development (1565)
  • Project Management (1298)
  • Strategic Global Business Management (1480)
  • Sustainable Business Management (1301(C))
Wendy Dunbar
​Program Manager (B224 portfolio)
Vacant​Program Manager (B224 portfolio)
Nicole Tate-Hill

Chair, Graduate Studies (B213 portfolio)

  • Business Development and Sales (1455)
  • eCommerce Management (1604) - launching Fall 2024
  • eSports Marketing and Event Management (1563)
  • Human Resources Management (0965(C))
  • Financial Planning Services (1032)
  • Occupational Health, Safety and Wellness (1395)
  • Professional Accounting Practice (1568)
  • Social Media Marketing (1537)
  • Strategic Marketing Communications (1403)
  • Supply Chain Management - Global (1411)
Kim Grimes
​Program Manager (B213 portfolio)
​Program Manager (B213 portfolio)
Michelle Adams
Manager, School Operations & Initiatives
Rebecca Duffy
​Assistant Manager, School Operations & Initiatives
​Alex Wolosinecky
​Assistant Manager, Outreach & Initiatives
Program coordinators
Program CoordinatorEmail address
​Administrative Business Management
Rayomand Darukhanawalla
​Bachelor of Business Administration - Accounting, Audit and Information Technology
Debra Good
​Bachelor of Business Administration - International Business Management
Osaro Igbinomwanhia
​Bachelor of Commerce - Financial Services
Michael Zonta
Kathy Zigby
BusinessPaolo Tranquilino
​Business - FinanceJen
​Business - Insurance (Optional Co-op)
Sean Lichty
​Business - International Business
Kiranjot Kaur (Year 1)
Estatira Shirkhodaee (Year 2)
Business - Marketing
Jackie Hivert
​Dea Watson
​Business - Marketing AcceleratedJackie Hivert
​Dea Watson
​Business - Purchasing
​Nouman Siddiqui
​Business Administration - Accounting
​Patricia Gateman
​Business Administration - Accounting Accelerated
​Patricia Gateman
​Business Administration - Financial Planning
​Jen Banfield
​Business Administration - ManagementAnna Bortolon
Business Administration - Marketing
Jackie Hivert
​Dea Watson
​Business Administration - Marketing (Co-op)
Jackie Hivert
​Dea Watson
​Business Administration - Supply Chain and Operations Management
​Nouman Siddiqui
​Business Administration - Supply Chain and Operations Management (Co-op)
Nouman Siddiqui
​Business Development and Sales
​Jeremy Legg
​Business Fundamentals​Anela
​Business Management - Entrepreneurship and Innovation
​Career Development Professional
​Rob Straby
​Esports Marketing and Event Management
​Financial Planning Services
​Dave Kohler
​Global Business Management
​Tom Schell
​Health Office Administration
​Nancy Weatherhead
​Human Resources Management (Optional Co-op)
​Dorothy Milardovic
​Management and Leadership Development
​Lisa Pollard
​Medical Office Practices
​Nancy Weatherhead
​Occupational Health, Safety and Wellness
​Daniela Lee
​Office Administration - Executive
​Nicole Howe
​Office Administration - General
​Nicole Howe
​Office Administration - Legal
Trami Szarabura
​Payroll and Bookkeeping (Optional Co-op)
​Kathy Zigby
​Professional Accounting Practices
​Project Management
​Dave Knight
​Social Media Marketing
​Syd Pereira
​Strategic Global Business Management
​Shelley Clifford
​Strategic Marketing Communications
​Supply Chain Management - Global
​Bryan Snage
​Sustainable Business Management (Optional Co-op)
​Andrea Thompson-Facey ​