Administrative Staff

NamePosition Extension Program Responsibilities
Tony ThomaExecutive Dean, Schools of Engineering & Technology and Trades & Apprenticeship3212
Diane Burchett
Chair, School of Engineering & Technology2244
  • Advanced Building Systems
  • Architecture - Construction Engineering Technology (Optional Co-op)
  • Architecture - Project and Facility Management (Bachelor of Applied Technology) (Co-op)
  • Construction Management (Post-Graduate)
  • Construction Project Management (Post-Graduate)
  • Civil Engineering Technology (Optional Co-op)
  • Environmental Building Sciences
  • Environmental Engineering Applications (Post-Graduate) (Co-op)
  • Interior Design (Bachelor of) (Co-op)
  • Structural Steel Management & Detailing (Post-Graduate)
  • Technology Foundations
Sarah ZaminChair, Schools of Engineering & Technology and Trades & Apprenticeship3460
  • Packaging Engineering Technician
  • Structural Packaging Design and Management
Joni Jean
Chair, Schools of Engineering & Technology and Trades & Apprenticeship6151
  • Aviation - General Arts and Science
  • Cabinetmaker Apprenticeship
  • Woodworking Technician
  • Woodworking Technology (Co-op)
Rafik GuindiChair, School of Engineering & Technology4618
  • Computer Engineering Technology (Optional Co-op)
  • Cyber Systems Engineering (Bachelor of Engineering) (Co-op)
  • Electrical Engineering Technician
  • Electrical Engineering Technology (Optional Co-op)
  • Electronic Systems Engineering (Bachelor of Engineering) (Co-op)
  • Electronics Engineering Technician (Optional Co-op)
  • Electronics Engineering Technology (Optional Co-op)
  • Embedded Systems Development (Post-Graduate) (Co-op)
  • Energy Systems Engineering Technology (Optional Co-op)
  • Power Systems Engineering (Bachelor of Engineering)
  • Wireless Network Infrastructure
Calin StoicoiuChair, School of Engineering & Technology3297
  • Building Systems Engineering (Bachelor of Engineering) (Co-op)
  • Manufacturing Engineering Technology - Welding and Robotics
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology - Automated Manufacturing (Co-op)
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology - Design and Analysis (Co-op)
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology - Robotics and Automation (Co-op)
  • Mechanical Systems Engineering (Bachelor of Engineering) (Co-op)
  • Mechanical Technician - Automated Manufacturing (Co-op)
  • Robotics and Industrial Automation (Graduate Certificate) (Co-op)
  • Welding and Fabrication Technician
  • Welding Engineering Technology - Inspection
  • Welding Engineering Technician - Robotics
  • Welding Techniques
Fatima ArmasAdministrative Assistant to the Chairs, School of Engineering & Technology3342
  • Full-time programs
Rebecca DoughertyExecutive Assistant to the Executive Dean, Engineering & Technology and Trades & Apprenticeship4573
  • Full-time programs
  • CE Programs
Jennifer Larsen
Administrative Assistant,
School of Engineering & Technology
  • Full-time programs
Amber WhiteAdministrative Assistant to the Chairs, School of Engineering & Technology4555
  • Full-time programs

Full-time faculty and program coordinators

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