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eTexts at Conestoga is an integration of digital resources within program fees. It allows students access to high quality digital resources at approximately 40 per cent off the price of printed texts.

About eTexts

Students in a number of Conestoga programs participate in Conestoga's eText initiative. Programs included in this initiative use the Institutional Pay Model where eText fees are collected with registration fees at the beginning of each semester. Participation in this initiative is mandatory.

Benefits of eTexts

For more information on how to access your eTexts, eText exemptions and support, please visit the bookstore website or email:

Consult the list below to find out if your program is part of the eText initiative. 

Consult the Fee Details to review costs associated with different eText programs.

All programs
Course Code Course Title Fee
ACCT1030 Introductory Financial Accounting I 98
ACCT1040 Introductory Financial Accounting II 98
BUS1021 Organizational Behaviour 72
CDEV1830 Career Success 10
CDEV1840 Career Discovery 10
CDEV8130 Career Management 10
COMP1056 Business Computing Applications 90
ECON1020 Microeconomics 92
ECON1030 Macroeconomics 92
MATH1010 Business Mathematics I 36
MATH1020 Business Mathematics II 18
MATH1085 Mathematics I 92
MATH1740 Math Fundamentals II 92
MATH1820 Foundations of Business Math 80
MATH2250 Statistics 36
MATH2255 Statistics 36
MKT1040 Marketing I 86
MKT2080 Sales 53
OPER1160 Introduction to Supply Chain and Operations Management 72
OPER1420 Introduction to Supply Chain and Operations Management 72
Program Details Fees
Administrative Business Management (1422) Fee Details
Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) - Accounting, Audit and Information Technology (1241C) Fee Details
Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) - International Business Management (1172C) Fee Details
Bachelor of Public Relations (Honours) (1278C) Fee Details
Business - International Business (1479) Fee Details
Business Development and Sales (1455) Fee Details
Career Development Professional (0869) Fee Details
Financial Planning Services (1032) Fee Details
Global Business Management (1247) Fee Details
Health Office Administration (1047) Fee Details
Human Resources Management (Optional Co-op) (0965) Fee Details
Medical Office Practices (1308) Fee Details
Occupational Health, Safety and Wellness (1395) Fee Details
Office Administration - Executive (1096) Fee Details
Office Administration - General (1095) Fee Details
Office Administration - Legal (1098) Fee Details
Project Management (1298) Fee Details
Public Relations (1093) Fee Details
Public Relations - Integrated Communications (1478) Fee Details
Reception and Customer Service (1491) Fee Details
Strategic Global Business Management (1480) Fee Details
Strategic Marketing Communications (1403) Fee Details
Supply Chain Management - Global (1411) Fee Details
Sustainable Business Management (Optional Co-op) (1301) Fee Details
Community Services
Program Details Fees
Community and Social Service Management (1276) Fee Details
Engineering & Technology
Program Details Fees
Aviation - General Arts and Science (0589) Fee Details
Aviation - General Arts and Science Fast Track (05891) Fee Details
Construction Management (Optional Co-op) (1378G) Fee Details
Construction Project Management (0895) Fee Details
Structural Steel Management and Detailing (Optional Co-op) (1477G) Fee Details
Woodworking Technician (0054) Fee Details
Woodworking Technology (Optional Co-op) (0804) Fee Details
Health & Life Sciences
Program Details Fees
Enhanced Nursing Practice - Clinical and Critical Care (1312) Fee Details
Enhanced Professional Practice - Gerontology and Chronic Illness (1362) Fee Details
Nutrition and Food Service Management (1379) Fee Details
Occupational Therapist Assistant & Physiotherapist Assistant (1111) Fee Details
Paramedic (0052) Fee Details
Personal Support Worker (1165) Fee Details
Practical Nursing (1077) Fee Details
Respiratory Therapy (1166) Fee Details
Hospitality & Culinary Arts
Program Details Fees
Baking and Pastry Arts (1377) Fee Details
Baking and Pastry Arts Management (1484) Fee Details
Bartending (1144) Fee Details
Cook I (Apprenticeship) (0794) Fee Details
Cook II (Apprenticeship) (1246) Fee Details
Culinary Management (Co-op) (1026C) Fee Details
Culinary Skills - Chef Training (Co-op) (1025C) Fee Details
Event Management (1150) Fee Details
Food and Beverage Management - Hotel and Restaurant Operations (Optional Co-op) (0056) Fee Details
Global Hospitality Management (Optional Co-op) (1333G) Fee Details
Hospitality Operations - Food and Beverage (1156) Fee Details
Tourism - Destinations and Travel Management (Optional Co-op) (1023) Fee Details
Interdisciplinary Studies
Program Details Fees
Public Service (Optional Co-op) (1274) Fee Details
Trades & Apprenticeship
Program Details Fees
Mechanical Technician - CNC (1329) Fee Details
Workforce Development
Program Details Fees
Applied Electrical Motion and Control Management (1460) Fee Details
Applied Energy Management (1459) Fee Details
Applied Manufacturing Management - Machining Option (1399) Fee Details
Applied Manufacturing Management - Welding Option (13991) Fee Details
Applied Manufacturing Management Design Integration (1483) Fee Details
Applied Network Infrastructure and System Administration (1424) Fee Details
Building Superintendence & Repair (1492) Fee Details
Data Processing and Reporting (1493) Fee Details
Enterprise Content Management (1466) Fee Details
Health Care Administration and Service Management (1449) Fee Details
Information Technology Business Analysis - Operations (1372) Fee Details
Internet Applications and Web Development Fundamentals (1471) Fee Details
Network Technical Support (1470) Fee Details
Process Quality Engineering (1325) Fee Details
Renewable Energy Techniques (1044) Fee Details
Web Design and Development (1423) Fee Details