Bachelor of Interior Design (Honours)

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Domestic students should apply online or by phone at 1-888-892-2228. For more information, visit Applying to Conestoga.

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International students should apply online. Note: not all programs are open to international students.

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As part of Conestoga's commitment to innovative learning strategies, the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiative is designed to enhance your learning experience. Through the use of online and mobile technologies in and out of the classroom, you will be able to access course materials, participate in collaborative learning environments and build the technological skills needed in today's workforce.

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Program handbook

This handbook provides students with program-specific information. The material in this handbook is accurate at the date of posting and is applicable for the current academic year. Program handbooks are updated yearly and students must check for the current edition.

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The faculty and administrative staff are committed to delivering innovative, career-focused programming designed to support student success.

Program Advisory Committee (PAC)

PAC members are composed of employers, practitioners and recent program graduates. College representatives (students, faculty, and administrators) are resource persons. Each committee advises the Board on the development of new programs, the monitoring of existing programs and community acceptance of programs.

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Students and instructors in a full-time science, technology, engineering or mathematics program are entitled to a number of additional Microsoft software packages through Conestoga's Microsoft Partner Agreement. Your login information will determine what programs you have access to download.

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Student achievement data
Graduation rates:

100% of the students from the class of 2015 graduated within four years.

  • 96.3% of the students enrolled in the winter 2015 semester returned in fall 2015, putting attrition at 3.7%.
  • 100% of the students enrolled in the winter 2016 semester returned in fall 2016, putting attrition at 0%.
  • 100% of the students enrolled in the winter 2017 semester returned in fall 2017, putting attrition at 0%.
  • 95.1% of the students enrolled in the winter 2018 semester returned in fall 2018, putting attrition at 4.9%.
  • 97.6% of the students enrolled in the winter 2019 semester returned in fall 2019, putting attrition at 2.4%.
Employment rates:

From the graduating class of 2017, 60% of graduates participated in the collection of data. Of the respondents, 67% were employed in the field of interior design within six months of graduation.

Please note the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities has not officially released 2017-18 KPI data.

Acceptance into graduate programs:

From the graduating class of 2018, 8% of the graduates applied to graduate school.Please note the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities has not officially released 2017-18 KPI data.

First Year Tool Kit
Year 1 students must purchase a kit from the bookstore with the required drafting and art supplies. This kit will be available on the first day of classes, and will cost approximately $640* + tax.
Year 2 students must purchase a kit of markers and gouache from the bookstore at a cost of approximately $200* + tax.

* amounts estimated based on 2020-21 costs.


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