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Courses - September 2023

Program outcomes

  1. Communicate effectively at a level appropriate to access further academic and vocational studies.
  2. Use complex language structures to convey meaning clearly in both written and oral communication in an academic setting.
  3. Identify, evaluate, and correct individual grammar and pronunciation difficulties in speech and writing in multiple contexts.
  4. Interpret academic-level texts critically using a variety of reading skills as appropriate.
  5. Apply a systematic approach to vocabulary expansion tailored to individual academic and career goals.
  6. Differentiate between and produce a variety of writing styles and formats used in college/university contexts.
  7. Identify main ideas and supporting details in post-secondary lectures and talks in order to demonstrate listening comprehension.
  8. Participate effectively in both formal and informal discussions and presentations in academic contexts.
  9. Develop skills in researching, drafting, editing, and proof-reading a variety of written documents reflecting individual academic and career goals.
  10. Utilize critical thinking and problem solving techniques in the application of research techniques to both oral and written academic assignments.
  11. Employ effective study skills and strategies for success in post-secondary studies in an English language context.
  12. Discuss various aspects of Canadian culture related to social and educational contexts.