Parking tickets

Parking enforcement at all Conestoga campuses and the residence is governed by both Conestoga College and the municipality in which the campus is located.

Appeal or pay a parking ticket

To appeal or pay a Conestoga-issued parking ticket, use the Lookup a Ticket online tool. Appeals must be done online. Appeals cannot be done by email. Appeals must be received within five days of the offence. A valid appeal can be based only on the contention that a violation was issued contrary to the Parking Regulations or in error before an appeal will be considered.

Parking Services is not responsible if you receive a ticket because you failed to register your vehicle. Contact Safety and Security or email if you require assistance.

Tips to avoid getting a parking ticket

  1. If you are parking by the hour, make sure you have given yourself enough time.
  2. Do not park in a fire route or bus route.
  3. Do not park in reserved spaces or lots that have been closed.
  4. Do not park in an accessible space unless you have a valid Ontario Accessibility permit.
  5. If your parking lot is full, contact Parking Services for assistance.
  6. Always park in a parking space.

Vehicle immobilizers

Conestoga College Parking office uses vehicle immobilizers (also known as boots) as an additional parking enforcement tool. A vehicle boot is a device attached to the front driver’s side wheel, which immobilizes the vehicle until it is removed by authorities. Conestoga College is not responsible for any damages that may occur as result of the removal or immobilization of any vehicle. Parking Services will tow or use the auto-boot immobilizer for offenses including, but not limited to:

  • The vehicle/licence plate appearing on the multiple ticket offender list for unpaid citations
  • Prior Notices to Appear
  • Parking in marked handicapped spaces without authorization
  • Blocking the roadway or blocking service or emergency vehicle egress
  • Creating a road hazard or damage to property and/or grounds
  • Deemed to be abandoned on college property
  • Designated by the college through disciplinary action or hearing process as banned from campus

Towing of vehicles

All immobilized vehicles that have not been released within 24 hours of the application of the vehicle boot will be towed at the owner’s expense. Penalties and/or fees will be added to the student’s account including any citation for violation at the time the vehicle is immobilized, and any tow charges.

An attempt to remove the vehicle boot that results in damage to the wheel lock will result in appropriate fees being charged to the student’s account for the full cost of replacement.

Employees in violation will be subject to the College discipline procedure. Employees will be subject to appropriate fees associated with equipment damage and will be subject to the employee discipline procedure. Visitors are subject to fines and may be subject to Private Property Trespass Act.

Conestoga College is not responsible for damage to vehicles associated with the placement of the vehicle boot on an impounded vehicle.

Vehicle booting fees

  • $100 tampering fine
  • $250 replacement for damaged vehicle boots

Boot removal

Arrangements to remove a boot can be made by contacting Parking Enforcement at 519-748-5220, ext. 2263 or ext. 3357 after-hours. Only Security and Parking Enforcement are authorized to remove a boot from a vehicle. If a boot is removed by anyone other than the authorized personnel, or is tampered with in any way, the tampering fine of $100 will be charged. A fine of $250 will be charged to replace a damaged or lost boot. Payment will be accepted by either credit or debit at the parking office.