Co-curricular Record

The Co-Curricular Record (CCR) is an official document, complementary to an academic transcript, which recognizes and records learning that a student has achieved through approved co-curricular experiences at Conestoga College.

  • Search the Events & Activities page on the Student Success Portal for CCR eligible opportunities.
  • Attend a CCR eligible opportunity to enrich your college experience outside of your program by learning something new and meeting students in other programs.
  • Enhance your portfolio by including your official CCR, signed by the college President and Associate Vice-President of Student Affairs.

Co-Curricular Record (CCR) FAQ

How does the CCR support my student experience and my career trajectory?
  • Your CCR is a portfolio of your co-curricular experiences and it demonstrates that you are invested in your personal and professional growth. Your CCR shows the ways you seek out opportunities for meaningful involvement in the Conestoga community.
  • All CCR eligible opportunities are linked to specific competencies outcomes based on transferable skills and knowledge that employers across all industries are seeking, including interpersonal skills, leadership, and innovation.
  • You can use your CCR to help write your resume and articulate your learning experiences when applying to jobs, co-op positions, volunteer roles, scholarships, additional post-secondary programs, or any other instances when you may need to demonstrate skills and knowledge gained outside of your academic program.
  • Access your CCR at any point during your studies on the Student Success Portal; you can reorganize your experiences to highlight specific opportunities. You can also request your official CCR at the end of each term or the end of your studies. You will receive a PDF that you can attach to job applications or add to your LinkedIn profile.
How do I find events that I can include on my CCR?

The Events & Activities page on the Student Success Portal is full of hundreds of workshops, clubs, committees, volunteer roles, and recreational opportunities each term, many of which are eligible for CCR recognition. You can search events by theme, date, or category to find opportunities that will enhance your student experience. Click on an event for more details, including whether it is eligible for CCR recognition and the learning outcomes that you will develop through your participation.   

All students also receive the Get Involved Guide each week in their Conestoga inbox with some highlighted opportunities for the upcoming week.    

Who can I contact for CCR support?

Any questions related to the Events & Activities page on the Student Success Portal or Co-Curricular Record (CCR) can be directed to We are happy to connect with students and staff.