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Enhance your college experience by getting involved virtually

Access the Co-Curricular Portal

Log on to the Co-Curricular Portal (CCP) to access virtual opportunities such as workshops, trainings, events, social connection opportunities, and more.

RSVP to events on the CCP and you will receive a Zoom link from the organizer to join the workshop/experience. Submit a reflection on your learnings through the portal after attending an eligible event and, once approved, receive recognition on your Co-Curricular Record (CCR) - an official document signed by the college president and the vice president of Student Affairs.

Visit the CCP to explore how to get involved or email with any questions.

English Conversation Partners

The partnership between an English Language Learner (ELL) Conestoga student and a fluent English-speaking Conestoga student is a beneficial and rewarding experience. English Conversation Partner (ECP) matches meet on campus weekly for one hour to discuss a variety of topics and learn about one another. Students involved in ECP get to learn about other cultures and languages, develop communication and leadership skills and share their experiences in Canada and at Conestoga.

Log in to the CCP to RSVP and fill out an application form. Questions? Contact Chelsea Winn .

Please note that English Language Learners should be at least a Level 3 of the English Language Studies Program, or equivalent.

To Register: 

1. Log in to myConestoga, click on the CCR icon and locate the "English Conversation Partner" Organization
2. 'Join' the English Conversation Partner Organization
3. Click on 'Forms,’ fill out the ECP Form and submit
4. You will be contacted by a Student Engagement staff member with information on the next steps 

Student testimonial - Dean and Taebin

From Dean (English Conversation Partner):

My time with Taebin has been one of my favourite and most cherished college experiences thus far. I have formed a unique relationship with someone that I would not have had the chance to meet if I had not volunteered to be an English Conversation Partner. I learned so much from Taebin and I expect that we will remain friends even after we finish the program.

From Taebin (English Language Learner):

It was a really helpful and enjoyable experience. I got the chance to make a new friend and share some of my interests with Dean. On some of the days, despite having passed five hours, our talking kept going. I learned several Zimbabwean words as well as improved my spoken English. We made some precious memories not only as ECPs but as friends.

English Conversation Circles

All English Language Learners (ELLs) are invited to attend weekly Conversation Circles. Conversation Circles are great opportunities for ELLs to further practice English language skills, connect with other Conestoga students and gain familiarity with Canadian culture. No registration is required. 

Log in to the CCP to find the English Conversation Circles schedule each term.

Student Committees

Our department oversees many student committees throughout the year. Student committees play a key leadership role in the execution of on-campus activities to increase awareness of how students can positively impact their local and global communities (e.g. International Women’s Day Committee). Team meetings provide opportunities for development related to event planning, community development, business administration and team-building. These are typically short-term volunteer opportunities. Search your  CCP  to find out which committees are currently available.

Student testimonial - Christopher Boyd

This was such a great experience for me throughout the semester. It allowed me to connect with like-minded people who are also enrolled in degree programs and want to help improve campus life and the value that students gain from being in these programs.

Connect Leadership Workshops

These free interactive leadership workshops are designed to assist students in developing the essential leadership skills necessary to effectively participate in a rapidly changing workforce and world. These workshops focus on enhancing self-awareness, strengthening core leadership competencies and inspiring students to become leaders of positive change. Leadership workshops are open to all full and part-time (daytime) Conestoga students. Also available to faculty and staff request for classes or team settings.

Student testimonial

Through the Global Citizenship workshop I was able to gain a new understanding and appreciation of how to be a more impactful global citizen. You don’t have to make a BIG gesture or movement, it can something as simple as being mindful of others and how your decisions and actions have an effect on the world around you.

Orientation Leaders

Orientation Leaders (OLs) play an important role in providing new Conestoga students with a positive and memorable transition to college. OLs work as an enthusiastic and dedicated volunteer team to support Conestoga College's Orientation program. Some activities OLs can help with include welcoming and providing direction to students, families and friends; facilitating activities; answering student questions and alleviating student anxieties. Volunteers are needed for fall and winter semesters; RSVP on the CCP  today.

Student testimonial - Jordi Brand-Mckay

Orientation allowed me to learn more about my school and myself. I learned how to be a better leader by helping students with the transition they were about to embark on. This experience showed me how to be a positive role model and how to communicate effectively with a variety of people from all different backgrounds. I loved being an Orientation Leader! I can't wait to do it again.

Paid Leadership Opportunities

Did you know 26 students work in paid leadership roles with Student Engagement every year? Full-time employment opportunities are available from May to August, and part-time employment opportunities are available from September to April. Positions may relate to event planning, office administration, marketing and design, leadership and student engagement. Any job opportunities are posted throughout the year on MyCareer at Conestoga.

Student testimonial - Kelly Annets

Benefits from getting involved with Student Life are immeasurable. I enjoyed planning, delivering and participating in activities on campus. In addition, I was provided with dedicated and encouraging support along the way. Through meaningful engagement opportunities I gained leadership skills, the ability to identify my strengths, and developed a sense of belonging. I enhanced my student success and that of those around me, as a result, creating a positive ripple effect into the college community.