Vision, mission & values

To respond to the needs of our communities, Conestoga must put forward measurable goals and objectives that will address current challenges and help college, community, and the individuals we serve to emerge stronger. The strategic Vision, Mission, and Values outlined below will guide our work in the years ahead. A corresponding set of strategic goals and objectives outline the specific actions that we will pursue in support of our ambitious vision.

Our vision

A recognized leader in applied learning and research that enables student success in meeting workforce demands

Our mission

To promote the prosperity and well-being of the communities we serve through the delivery of programming, workforce development, and industry-focused research that meets local, regional, and international demands

Our values

Student focus

We create the environments for students to realize their potential and graduate as individuals who can make meaningful contributions to their communities.


We work with government, industry, community, and international partners to reach our strategic goals and create a vibrant learning and working environment built on excellence, quality, and respectful interactions.


We fulfil our commitments to the organization and the broader college community by assuming responsibility for our individual conduct, action, and results.


We promote and foster a college community that is characterized and enriched by equity, diversity, and inclusivity.


We constantly strive to improve, enhance, and rethink the programs and services we provide to achieve ongoing improvement and higher standards of performance.