Strategic goals


Demonstrate excellence in programming and services while providing an outstanding learning and working environment for students and employees

  • Continuous improvement
  • Digital transformation
  • Alumni connections
  • High-performing employees
  • Health and wellness
  • Inclusive services
  • Community engagement


Continue campus growth with enhanced access to programming for diverse learners and increased enrolment to meet the workforce needs of the communities we serve

  • Campus expansion
  • Facility renewal
  • Domestic enrolment
  • International enrolment
  • Market-driven programs
  • Applied research
  • Technology infrastructure


Develop and enhance stakeholder relationships and partnerships and support employers in responding to changing social and economic conditions while optimizing organizational performance and supporting environmental sustainability

  • Responsible resource management
  • Environmental solutions
  • Brand enhancement and differentiation
  • Business, community and government partnerships
  • Employer engagement
  • Economic recovery and development