Demonstrate excellence in programming and services while providing an outstanding learning and working environment for students and employees

Preparing learners for successful careers and futures requires unwavering attention to the quality of the overall educational experience. Programs must continue to evolve to meet the changing needs and expectations of the workforce, while a full range of accessible services must be readily available to support students during their studies and through their transition to meaningful employment.

Conestoga’s longstanding commitment to quality can be seen in the success of our students and graduates.

Our graduate employment and satisfaction rates are consistently well above the provincial average. Almost 87 per cent of graduates were employed within six months of graduation in 2019-2020 and close to 82 per cent of graduates indicated that their college experience was useful in achieving their goals. Approximately 93 per cent of employers indicated their satisfaction with newly hired Conestoga graduates.

Conestoga’s graduation rate of more than 72 per cent is among the highest in the province.

The provincial College Quality Assurance Audit Process (CQAAP) conducted in 2020 concluded that Conestoga meets or exceeds all provincial quality assurance standards required for Ontario’s public colleges, placing the college at the Mature level of the OCQAS scale, the highest possible ranking.


  • Continue to improve the quality of programs and support services through ongoing monitoring, review, and the application of quality assurance measures and processes.
  • Continue to accelerate and leverage digital technology to enrich curriculum as well as increase availability of, and access to, programs, while differentiating Conestoga and its program offerings and enhancing program flexibility and customization to meet learner needs.
  • Foster and sustain alumni relationships to provide employment opportunities for students and graduates while enhancing and reinforcing the Conestoga brand and reputation.
  • Foster and support the development of a high-performing employee team that has adequate resources and is provided with ongoing training and development opportunities.
  • Continue to focus on the health and wellness of students and employees to cultivate a supportive teaching, learning, and working environment.
  • Provide a full range of high-quality and inclusive services to students, considering their diverse backgrounds, that contribute to their academic, personal and professional success.
  • Identify and promote opportunities for engagement among members of the college community to enhance both student and organizational success.