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Tuition & Fees

Fees are in effect from September 1, 2018 - August 31, 2019.

Program-Specific Tuition Fees

Tuition and Fees for full-time programs are found on the individual program pages. Search our full-time programs for information about your program's tuition and fees.

*Note: Fees for the next academic year (September 2019 - August 2020) will be set in May 2019.

Description of other fees
Description Amount
Affirmation & Statement of Participation $20.00
Audit Tuition Fee $6.94 per course hour
Completion of Forms/Verification Letters Fee $18.00 (includes HST)
Continuing Education Graduation/Alumni Services Fee $42.60
Duplicate Documents of Recognition - Degree, Diploma, Certificate $35.00
Health Documentation Fee Fee Range $59-$106 (see student fee invoice)
HOAE Admission Test $50.00
Late Fee $150.00
Legal Request Fee $50.00
Letter of Permission $25.00
Parking Fees Please see parking website
Prior Learning Assessment Fee Maximum of $150.64
Processing Fee $30.00
Replacement ONE Card Photo ID card $20.00
Returned Cheque Fee $30.00
Supplemental Fees $40.00
Tax Receipt (T2202A) Duplicate $25.00
Testing Fee for Applicants $30.00 / 1 test
$40.00 / 2 test
$50.00 / 3 tests
Rewrite $30.00
Transcript Fee $12.00 (HST included)

Description of Other Fees

Affirmation & Statement of Participation - Documents of Recognition

If an Affirmation or Statement of Participation is required, the request must be made in writing to the Registrar's Office. A General Request Form is available for this purpose.

Audit Tuition Fee

An audit tuition fee will be charged to students auditing a course (course hourly rates apply)

Completion of Forms/Verification Letters Fee

This fee is charged when a letter is requested from the Registrar's Office, or a form must be completed, verifying current or past enrolment. A Request for Letter Form is available for this purpose.

Continuing Education Graduation/Alumni Services Fee

This per/semester fee provides for all services related to graduation, convocation, and the Alumni Association.

Duplicate Documents of Recognition

If a duplicate copy of a Document of Recognition is required, the request must be made in writing to the Registrar's Office. A General Request Form is available for this purpose. Documents that can be requested are: Certificates, Ontario Graduate Certificates, Ontario College Diplomas, Ontario College Advanced Diplomas, Degrees, Affirmations and Statements of Participation.

Health Documentation Fee

This mandatory fee covers costs of tracking health related student documentation required prior to student practicums.

HOAE Admission Test Fee

The Health Occupations Aptitude Exam (HOAE) is a requirement for admission to the Practical Nursing program at Conestoga. Please refer to the Health Occupations Aptitude Exam webpage for additional information.

Late Fee

Late fees are intended to ensure timeliness of tuition fee payments and are charged if fees are not received by the due date specified.

Legal Request Fees

Request by a legal authority for student file/record information.

Letter of Permission

A Letter of Permission (LOP) allows a student to take courses at another recognized postsecondary institution that may be considered for credit towards their program subject to faculty/program approval and regulations.

Parking Fees and Regulations

A system of paid parking is in place at Cambridge, Doon, Guelph and Waterloo. For information on regulations, rates and refunds, refer to the Parking website.

Prior Learning Assessment Fee

The fee associated with assessment of prior learning (PLAR) varies each academic year. Contact the Registrar's Office for the exact amount and a PLAR registration form.

Processing Fee

A processing fee is charged to individuals requiring an assessment of qualifications and processing of personal information for various purposes such as requests for transfer to another program, readmission to a program or entrance to a program that does not use Ontario College Application Services (

Returned Cheque Fee

Each cheque returned by a student's bank, for any reason, is assessed a return cheque fee. This fee offsets some of the bank charges and administrative costs involved in the collection and reprocessing of the cheque.

Supplemental Fee

A supplemental opportunity may be in the form of an exam or additional work required to clear an academic deficiency. To register for a supplemental, the completed and signed Authorization for Supplemental form along with payment must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office. Please keep your copy of your payment receipt for income tax purposes.

Tax Receipt (T2202A) duplicate

This fee is charged to help offset the administrative costs of creating duplicate T2202A certificates.

Testing Fee for Applicants

Applicants who do not meet the program's English, Mathematics, Chemistry and/or Biology admission requirements may be tested to assess program eligibility. A fee is charged for this service.

The Health Occupations Aptitude Exam (HOAE) is a requirement for admission to the Practical Nursing program at Conestoga. Please refer to Health Occupations Aptitude Exam webpage for additional information.

Transcript Fee

This fee, which includes GST, is charged for each copy. Note: Official transcripts will not be issued to students with outstanding tuition, residence or incidental fees.

Tuition & Fee Details

General Information

The Board of Governors annually approves a Fee Schedule for tuition and compulsory ancillary and other incidental fees for the college. Tuition covers only part of the costs associated with post-secondary education. The tuition fee and other specific fees can be claimed as a deduction for income tax purposes, subject to tax regulations.

Tuition for Full-time Semestered Programs

Tuition is normally calculated and billed on a two-semester basis if both semesters fall within the same academic year*. In programs scheduled for more than two semesters the length of the program determines the amount of tuition. To view fees for a specific program, go to the Conestoga home page and select the Academic tab then Program/Courses. Locate the program, click on the Program Fees Chart found under the Program Facts heading.

*Note: Fees for the next academic year (September 2019 - August 2020) will be set in May 2019.

Tuition for Full-time Non-Semestered Certificate and Vocational Preparation Programs

Students in these programs are expected to complete in less than one year. Program length is indicated in weeks. Fees are not reduced for statutory holidays, but no fees are charged for the December holiday break.

Tuition for Part-time Courses

Tuition for part-time courses is calculated on a rate per hour. Some compulsory fees may apply.

International Student Fees

If an international student acquires Canadian citizenship or permanent residence status during a semester in which a student is registered in a program, the fees for international students continue to be applicable for that semester. The fees payable by Canadian citizens and permanent residents apply only to the next semester in which the student is registered.

Compulsory Ancillary Fees for Full-time Programs

General Information

Compulsory ancillary fees are billed to the student each academic year at the same time as tuition is billed. All fees on the student's invoice(s) are mandatory; however, CSI Health Plan Fees will be refunded with proof of alternate coverage. (See Conestoga Students Inc. (CSI) Fees - Opting Out/Premium Refund for details.)

Administration Fee

This per/semester fee is assessed to full-time, fee-paying students in Degree, Diploma and Certificate programs. It pays for items such as:

Graduation/Alumni Services Fee

This per/semester fee provides for all services related to graduation, convocation, and the Alumni Association.

Health Records Documentation Fee

This fee covers the costs of tracking required health related student documentation in certain programs prior to student work experiences/practicums.

ONE Card Student Photo ID

Students are required to have a valid Student ID card. The ONE Card is the identification piece used for Conestoga students. The ONE Card is used to gain access to the different services the College provides, such as but not limited to testing, printing and library resources, writing tests/exams, receiving course marks, access open computer labs, borrow materials from the Library Resource Centre. The ONE Card will be used to gain entry to the Recreation Centre. This card is normally issued in the student's first semester and is valid for their entire college enrolment. Applicable fees will apply for a replacement card (Doon, Cambridge, Guelph and Waterloo).

Program Services Fee (Co-op Programs)

All students in co-op programs, including mandatory, optional and alternative, such as guided career management, pay a non-refundable fee to offset costs involved with the wide variety of services and supports that are provided.

The Program Services Fee is billed in equal payments over the number of academic terms in which a student is registered in the program.

Program Specific Fee

Some programs levy this fee for specific purposes such as special supplies, uniforms, etc.

Recreation/Athletic Fee

All full time, fee-paying students at the Cambridge and Kitchener campuses must pay this fee, which assists in offsetting the costs of the intercollegiate athletics program, the intramural program, and provides access to the Recreation Centre for the academic year. Full time students at other campuses, who are not obliged to pay the compulsory athletic fee, may purchase a student membership at a student rate equal to the athletic fee or buy a day pass.

Student Priority Fee

This fee funds services, projects, and initiatives of direct benefit to students. The priorities are set jointly by Conestoga and the CSI.

Technology Enhancement Fee

This fee assists in offsetting the cost of providing students with up-to-date computer equipment, software, and services (for example access to email and the Internet).

Tuition Rate and Compulsory Fees for Part-time Courses

Conestoga Students Inc. (CSI) Fees

For additional information on the information below, refer to

CSI Association Fees

This fee, levied by Conestoga Students Inc., allows the CSI to provide representation, services and to organize activities for students at the Cambridge, Kitchener, Guelph, Stratford, Waterloo, and Brantford/Ingersoll campuses. Fees are collected by the college on behalf of the Student Association. Fees vary per campus/course load.

CSI Capital Development Fee

This fee applies to all CSI members depending upon campus/course load and is allocated for capital purchases and other initiatives deemed of benefit to students.


This fee applies to all CSI members and provides membership in the College Student Alliance.

CSI Health Plan

More information about the CSI Health Plan is available.
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