Tuition and Fees

Fees are in effect from September 1, 2019 - August 31, 2020.

Tuition and fee details

General information

The Board of Governors annually approves a Fee Schedule for tuition, compulsory and optional ancillary fees, and other incidental fees for the college. Tuition covers only part of the costs associated with post-secondary education. The tuition fee and other specific fees can be claimed as a deduction for income tax purposes, subject to tax regulations.

Tuition for full-time session programs

Tuition is normally calculated and billed on a two-session basis if both sessions fall within the same academic year. In programs scheduled for more than two sessions, the length of the program determines the amount of tuition. To view fees for a specific program, locate the program page and review information found under the Tuition & Fees heading.

Tuition for full-time non-session certificate and vocational preparation programs

Students in these programs are expected to complete the program in less than one year. Program length is indicated in weeks. Fees are not reduced for statutory holidays, but no fees are charged for the December holiday break.

Tuition for part-time courses

Tuition for part-time courses is calculated on a rate per hour. Some compulsory fees may apply.

International student fees

If an international student acquires Canadian citizenship, permanent residence status, or meets the Ministry of Colleges and Universities criteria for exemption for international tuition fees during the session, the student must provide the documentation and submit it in writing to prior to the start of the next session.

Fees will not be reduced due to a change in status for the current session. The fees payable by Canadian citizens, permanent residents or exempt students will apply only to the future sessions in which the student is registered.