Student impact stories

Conestoga would like to recognize the support you have given through the words of our students. Below are messages from students whose lives have been personally touched by generous contributions from donors like you.

Brody Harris

Hello, my name is Brody Harris, and I have recently graduated from Brick and Stone Construction Techniques at Conestoga.

I chose this program because I have a very strong passion for masonry work and the dedication it takes to do this line of work each day. My great aunt’s husband was a bricklayer for most of his life and retired from the trade, loving every second of it. I would love to follow in his footsteps and become a bricklayer like himself or further my knowledge in this trade. Working with natural stone has been something I want to learn and challenge myself with the complexity of the different shapes and sizes. This course has helped me develop the skills to learn how to lay brick and stone and learn the history of the trade in Canada.

Being chosen for an award means a lot to me because as someone who doesn’t come from a wealthy family and not working as much so I can focus on my studies, it really helps a lot. I started my college journey this year at the age of 25, and since high school ended, I have been working hard and saving up some money to support myself financially throughout the college year. Receiving this award allows me to help pay for my last semester and any of the new required tools needed throughout my job search.

I am truly grateful for the award and the support received.

Brody Harris

Eric Promoli

My name is Eric Promoli, and I would like to begin by expressing my thanks for the very generous gift that has been awarded to me.

I have been in the trades since 2004, however, this is the first time I have attended trade school to focus on one specific area. I decided to pursue plumbing after spending a few years assisting plumbers in the field.

I have three children and have very much enjoyed being a part of the Port Elgin community where I grew up. My wife and I have become registered Scout Leaders and volunteer coaches with local soccer clubs. I am very proud to be a youth leader and a member of the local trades.

Receiving this scholarship has helped in so many ways. As a father of three, it was a challenge to balance school expenses and living away from home for eight weeks. Being at the Conestoga Skilled Trades campus was an incredible experience. I met great instructors who were not only experts in their field but friendly and showed a true passion for teaching the current and next generation of plumbers. As I continue my apprenticeship, I look forward to gaining the skills required for more challenging projects. 

Because of the award I received, I can continue my education without worrying about making ends meet while I am away from home. I very much look forward to my next term and will continue to work hard and show you what I am capable of.

Eric Promoli

Kyla Viana

My name is Kyla Viana, and I am in the third year of my Construction Electrician Apprenticeship.

My favourite experience so far at Conestoga College would be both my labs and my extracurriculars, as both have allowed me to connect with others in the trade space as well as encourage others interested in the trades to pursue them further. I am grateful to have connected with another female student interested in electrical, as I am a female she can lean on in an otherwise trying field at times.

Receiving a student award meant the world to me. I was so excited to be able to make my parents proud as well as my company. Being recognized in a career that I love was and still is an incredible feeling. On top of that, the financial support allowed me to focus on my studies instead of stressing about losing a full-time income while being off for school, which helped especially with the increasing inflation prices.

While I am not involved in much outside of work quite yet, I do devote as much of my time as I can to learning my trade and being available beyond what is expected of me. I make a point of going out of my way to teach anyone willing to listen to me anything I can to help further their knowledge - whether that be other apprentices or even homeowners. I am proud to be in such a rewarding career, and I am incredibly grateful to attend one of the best colleges in all of Ontario for my program. I am proud to be a female excelling to the best of my abilities in a field that I am a minority in (for now).

Kyla Viana

Lindsey Allen

My name is Lindsey Allen, and I received a generous donation for a scholarship. In April, I completed my first year of the Carpentry and Renovation Technician program.

When I applied to Conestoga, I had barely held a hammer before let alone built anything or understood why I was doing it. As well, being a woman in the trades and older than most of my classmates, I was super intimidated by what people would think of me and how I would manage to fit in and learn. After my first year, I successfully built many walls, structures, and roofs as well as learned how to lay flooring, siding, shingling and more. I have now been working for a carpentry company for the last three months, and instead of going in without any knowledge and feeling lost, I’m able to apply what I’ve learned and feel comfortable on the job site.

My proudest moment at Conestoga was after I completed the doghouse final assignment and could take it home. My friends and family were so impressed that it was something I could build, and it looked great. My dogs love it as an outdoor structure they can seek shade in! I am extremely excited for my second year, the renovation section of my program, as I am very interested in renovations and how to improve a current space for maximum function. I am working towards owning my own renovation company and having a safe space for women to excel in the trades.

I am grateful for this generous donation. It alleviates a lot of the pressure off me for next year so I can focus on my studies and continue to learn and grow!

Lindsay Allen

Brandon Davies


Imma Yamat