Frequently asked questions

Uploading your ONE Card student photo

How do I upload my ONE Card student photo?

After your deposit is paid, you can upload your ONE Card photo. Complete the steps outlined on Get your card.

Why do I need to upload a ONE Card student photo to access my timetable?

A student's ONE Card photo completes their student record and confirms that they are a Conestoga College student.       

Your ONE Card student photo is also required to print and mail your ONE Card to you. Your ONE Card provides you access to a variety of student services. Learn more about how to use your card.       

How do I confirm if I have an approved ONE Card student photo?
  1. Log into the ONE Card Portal using your Conestoga credentials.
  2. Select the “Display Card” tab from the menu to view your digital ONE Card.
  3. If you do not see your photo available, follow the steps to upload your ONE Card student photo on the Get your card web page.
What happens after I upload my ONE Card student photo and it is approved?

You will receive an email at each step of the ONE Card student photo upload process to keep you informed.       

Refer to Get your card to review how you will receive your ONE Card.       

Do I need to upload a new student photo every term?

No. After your ONE Card student photo has been uploaded and approved, this will be your ONE Card student photo for the duration of your studies at Conestoga College. You are not required to update or renew your photo.

Can I change my ONE Card student photo after it has been approved?

If your ONE Card student photo was uploaded more than 3 years ago, you may be permitted to provide a new photo. Please email the ONE Card office at and provide additional information about the reason for your request.

Getting your ONE Card

I am a new student. How do I get my ONE Card?

Your ONE Card is available to you in both digital and physical form.      

Refer to Get your card to review how you will get your ONE Card.      

Condor Cash

Why should I put money on my card?

Condor Cash gives you a safe, fast and convenient way to make purchases at all on-campus and select off-campus merchants. Using Condor Cash allows you to access Condor perks, including specials and discounts.       

How do I load money on my card?

Funds can be added to your ONE Card:       

  • online through the ONE Card portal using debit or credit, or
  • at any Conestoga Bookstore using debit or credit.

What if I have a Visa/Debit card or Master Card/Debit card?

Use the Interac option on the cash loading portal and if you have difficulty, use the credit card option. The ONE Card office is available to answer questions via phone at 519 748-5220, ext. 3530.

Is CONDOR CASH the same thing as PRINT BALANCE?

No, Condor Cash and your non-refundable print balance are two different accounts. Condor Cash is used for purchasing on campus. Your non-refundable print balance is used for on-campus printing (excluding CSI Hubs & MT Print). Your ONE Card is used to release print jobs in some locations, however, the print job itself is paid for with your non-refundable print balance. At the beginning of each term, your non-refundable print balance is reset. This balance can only be used to pay for printing. The leftover balance will be reset if it’s not used. Once your non-refundable print balance reaches zero, print charges will begin deducting from your Condor Cash funds. Learn more about printing and photocopying on campus.

Where can I use Condor Cash?

You can use Condor Cash at various locations on and off campus.

How do I see the transactions I have made?

Login to the ONE Card portal to view your transactions.       

Can I get a refund of my Condor Cash?

Your Condor Cash never expires. Condor Cash will automatically roll over to the next term.       

Students are permitted to request a refund of their Condor Cash. Email the ONE Card office at to inquire.


Can I use my ONE Card as a transit pass?

Students registered at the Kitchener - Doon, Kitchener - Downtown, Cambridge - Fountain Street, and Waterloo campuses who purchase a 4-month unlimited GRT Term pass can use their ONE Card as a transit pass. Visit the Public transit web page for more information.   

One Card Portal

How do I log in to the ONE Card Portal?

Students can log in with their Conestoga network login and password.       

Parents/others may deposit money into a student’s account using the student number and student date of birth.       

What do I do if I receive an error on the ONE Card Portal?

Please try the following methods to troubleshoot:       

  • Clear your cache
  • Clear your browser history
  • Use incognito mode
  • Use a desktop/laptop
  • Try Firefox or Internet Explorer

If you continue to receive an error message, please take a screen shot of the error you are receiving and email us at with your screen shot and information about the challenges you are experiencing.    

General questions

What do I do if my card is lost or stolen?

Stolen and lost cards should be suspended immediately. For information about how to suspend your card and request a replacement, refer to Lost or stolen ONE Cards.        

Does my card expire?

ONE Cards do not have expiry dates. Our cards are intended to follow students to convocation and beyond. We consider you part of the Conestoga community even when an alumni.       

Why can’t I put a hole in my card to put it on a lanyard?

The ONE Card has built-in chip technology and an antennas which allows students to tap and swipe their cards around campus. Putting a hole in the card will cause damage, which may cause the card to malfunction.

Where do I find the terms and conditions of use?

Please see the terms and conditions of use on the use your card page. You acknowledge these terms when logging in to your student portal each year. You also acknowledge these terms when you upload a photo for your ONE Card and when you make your first deposit into your Condor Cash account.

I have a preferred first name. How do I request my preferred first name is printed on my ONE Card?

Upon request, an individual’s preferred first name can be issued on their physical ONE Card. To request a preferred name change, please complete the Student Preferred Name and/or Gender Change Request Form (pdf) and submit the form via email to

Once the request form is processed by the Registrar’s Office, please visit a ONE Card Office location to request a reprint of your physical ONE Card. There is no charge to reprint your ONE Card for a preferred name change. You will be required to show government issued ID when you visit the ONE Card Office (including if your legal name remains on your government ID). Please bring your old ONE Card with you to receive your reprinted ONE Card if a previous ONE Card was provided to you. 

At this time, your legal name registered on your Student Record will display on the ONE Card Portal and on your Digital ONE Card (displayed on the ONE Card Portal). We are currently undergoing updates to the Conestoga College system to enable preferred name changes to reflect on the student’s ONE Card Portal and Digital ONE Card.